Literature Mailers

  • Protect important documents delivered across long distances
  • Create boxes in white or Kraft colors that last in transit
  • Assemble in seconds without using an adhesive


Send Out Important Documents & Materials in Space-Saving Literature Mailers

Does your business need to deliver important documents regularly?

Whether you need to send corporate briefs to remote staff, sales kits for the on-site team, or catalogs for your customer’s reference, custom literature mailers protect and keep your files and items intact. PrintPlace lets you indicate the exact interior dimensions, and we’ll manufacture it in the exact size you need. All mailer boxes are delivered flat to save you storage space. You can quickly assemble the boxes without using an adhesive.

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How to Customize Your Literature Mailer Boxes

To ensure you get the best design for your literature mailers, we offer the following features on the easy-to-use online calculator:

1. Select interior dimensions that will protect and preserve your important documents.

The final size of your literature mailer depends on the width, height, and thickness of the documents you’ll be delivering. You can place them side by side or stacked, depending on how you want to present your documents or how much space you need to save. Make sure to measure the dimensions based on their placement and then consider the final interior size of your box in the following available ranges:

  • Length: 3” – 25”
  • Width: 2” – 25”
  • Depth: 1” – 15”

Note that all custom boxes are ordered in the interior dimensions to ensure the proper storage of the items.

2. Have your design made in sturdy corrugated cardboard that is built for long-distance deliveries.

Your documents are delivered in sturdy corrugated literature mailers. Choose from four (4) variations to match the branded look and budget you are working with:

  • Standard white literature mailers are affordable for businesses cutting on costs but need a bright, smooth finish.
  • Premium white corrugated cardboard is an investment for businesses that want more shine on the outside surface.
  • Premium white with glossy ink offers a clean, smooth surface while highlighting a detail in shiny ink. It is recommended for schools or companies that need to emphasize their name on the literature mailers.
  • Kraft literature mailers (brown) offer a rustic, natural look that suits more down-to-earth companies or any brand that needs a simple look to their literature mailers.

3. Complete the unboxing experience with an interior box design.

You can design both the exterior and interior sides of your custom literature mailers. Select the sides you want with a design on the “Printed Sides” part of the online calculator.

4. Start with a sample or order in bulk to save on unit costs.

Want to see the custom mailer box before committing to a larger quantity order? Start with one (1) literature mailer and we’ll produce it within 3 to 5 business days.

If you're looking to order a large quantity, it's best to place a bulk order to save on the cost per box. The online calculator will show the unit and total cost after you’ve chosen the features.

5. Create the design from scratch using our online 3D design tool.

See your design come to life on our 3D design tool. This intuitive online tool lets you upload images and combine shapes, colors, and other essential details to complete the literature mailers' design. With every update, the box will refresh to show its appearance in 3D.

Custom Literature Mailer FAQs

Is there a minimum quantity to order?

No; you can order one (1) custom literature mailer and we’ll manufacture one piece based on your submitted design.

Can I upload a file of my literature mailer boxes?

No, but you can request a dieline template and use this to design each part of your box design. We will only accept files that use the flat dieline template PDF to produce your custom literature mailers accurately.

Can I review the custom literature mailer design before it’s manufactured?

Yes; you can request a free PDF proof after creating the design online. After selecting “Add to Cart,” choose “Send me a PDF proof for approval.” We will only proceed with production after you’ve approved the file.

Are there expedited production times available?

Yes, you can check “Expedite Production” to expedite the standard production time from 10 to 15 business days to 6 to 8 business days.