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5 menu printing design tips that will entice you – Graphic Design Friday

Menu printing involves more than just creating a list of food. Careful consideration should be taken with every aspect of the design.

Color, size and fold type are all factors that do a lot more than just look pretty. Each contributes to how enticing your menu appears to customers. It also impacts what they eat and how much they spend.

Watch our video for tips from our graphic designer about how to make your menu more enticing.

Hmm, I might need to pick up a pizza on the way home today.

Video Transcription

Welcome back for another graphic design tip from

This week we’re talking to all you restaurant owners out there.

When starting your own restaurant, sooner or later you’ll come to the inevitable question, “What should my menu look like?”

  • Start by considering the image you want to convey about your restaurant.  Is your restaurant modern and upscale?  Consider clean designs with a minimalist color palette.  Or for a wing or pizza place, use bright colors and bold designs to express the experience you want your patrons to have.
  • Size and fold are important considerations when designing your menu.  A small half fold at 5.5×8.5 or tri-fold menu at 8.5×11 are perfect for food trucks or take out menus.  These menus are easy for patrons to take along with them.
  • A larger sized menu such as a half fold 17×11 compliment a restaurant with a broader range of dishes that might feel crammed in a smaller size.
  • Here’s the best tip I can give you…less is more. You want your patrons to easily navigate your menus and not feel overwhelmed.  Choose simple designs, patterns, and shapes. Minimize photography and replace it with colorful, descriptive sentences about each dish.
  • Lastly, take the dollar sign off your prices.  It’s unnecessary and reminds your patrons they are spending money when you should be reminding them of the delicious meal they’re about to have.

That’s all for this week.  For more awesome ideas on restaurant print design, click here to watch our exclusive spotlight on Quesa-D-Ya’s.  Paul Oltmann talks about his creative new take on delivery and how promotes his business.

See you next week! 



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