Flyer Maker

Customize a flyer your customers will read and keep.
  • Stand out with standard matte or gloss coating
  • Choose a striking metallic design or elegant silk flyers
  • Select same-day printing for expedited orders

The Ultimate Online Flyer Maker

Every size, material, and coating for your promotions.

Standard Flyer Printing

Standard Flyers

  • Sturdy paper and cardstock options
  • Gloss, high-gloss UV, and matte coating
  • Variety of small and large sizes

Metallic Flyer Printing

Metallic Flyers

  • Add a metallic finish on the front
  • Printed on sturdy 16 pt. cardstock
  • Highlight an area with spot UV

Silk Flyer Printing

Silk Flyers

  • Water & tear-resistant material
  • Luxuriously soft & smooth
  • Lamination for added durability

Create Flyers Everyone Will Want to Keep

Looking for the best flyer maker in the industry? Look no further than PrintPlace, where you can create standard flyers in matte or gloss coating.

Get creative with extra shiny metallic flyers or distinguish your high-end brand with silk-like material. Here’s how you can utilize our online flyer maker for a message you’re excited to announce and promote.

Set the Standard in Professional Announcements

The standard flyer is printed on durable paper or cardstock.

Printing on 100 lb. paper ensures your design still looks good even when the flyer is folded. Paper is an affordable option, especially when you plan to distribute flyers in bulk.

Cardstock options, which range from the sturdy 10 pt. to the thicker 16 pt., provide an added weight that exudes professionalism and appeals to a high-end market.

Elevate your flyer’s material with the readability of matte’s reduced glare or the extra shine and emphasis of a gloss coating. High-gloss UV is recommended for an even more visible shine, especially for bright colors that need to pop.

Your One-Stop Shop for a Metallic Flyer Maker

Have a glamorous message to announce or a special promotion that needs to stand out in extra, extra shine? Maximize these special features of metallic flyers:

  • Distinguish light or pastel colors in metallic printing that can be applied to a specific area.
  • Utilize spot UV to highlight important information such as contact details or an event location.
  • Print on sturdy 16 pt. cardstock that elevates the luxurious look of metal and shiny spot UV text or images.

Silk Flyers to Emphasize Your Elegance and Eloquence

Need durable material that is wear and tear-resistant? Our silk flyers are perfect for giving away outdoors or putting them on display when exposed to the elements. They also boast of other premium features:

  • Silk lamination that adds thickness to 16 pt. cardstock.
  • Smooth, supple texture has the same look and feel as silk.
  • Complement the elegance of the silk background with shiny spot UV coating on an image or text you need to highlight.

Have specific questions about the different options or how to use our online flyer maker? Get in touch with any of our print experts and they’ll gladly respond to your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best editing tool to make a flyer?
A: Your choice of editing tool depends on your level of knowledge for that program. Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator are recommended if you have previous experience with these tools.

Microsoft Publisher is ideal for beginners who want more control in customizing their flyer design.

If you want to create the flyer online and in real time, select our online design tool and get started there.

Q: Do you offer templates I can use to make a flyer?
A: Yes. Visit our Layout Templates tab to download a file for your preferred editing tool. Files are arranged according to size.

Q: Are custom sizes available for flyers?
A: No, we do not offer custom-sized orders, but we offer a wide range that is likely to have the dimensions you require.

Q: What is the best size for flyers?
A: The 11” x 8.5 letter size is the most common choice for flyer designs.

Q: If I need a sturdy material for my flyers, which paper or cardstock should I choose?
A: Standard flyers can be printed on either paper or cardstock. The paper stock options are thinner and lighter compared to the cardstock. The thickest option among them is the 100 lb. paper stock.

We recommend 14 pt. or 16 pt. cardstock if you need a flyer that carries significantly more weight and is less prone to folding and creases.

If you need something slightly smaller, sizes range from 9” x 6” to 4.25” x 5.5”.

Q: How do I add a form or special section to my flyer?
A: You can add a perforation to your flyer for designs that include forms or responses from the recipient.  Perforating adds puncture holes to the score line for each tear-away section.

Select Advanced Options then choose Yes on the Perforating option.

Q: How can I prepare my flyer so it can have metallic and spot UV printing on a specific area?
A: Follow these steps to apply metallic or spot UV printing on your flyer’s artwork:

  1. Identify the area on which metallic or spot UV printing will be applied.
  2. Create a separate file that copies the metallic or spot UV printed area. The copied area should be in the same position as your original file.
  3. Apply 100% K on the area with metallic or spot UV.
  4. Confirm if the separated or copied area aligns with the original artwork before saving the other file.
  5. Save the separated file and add Metallic or Spot UV to the file name for reference.