Political Folded Postcards

Fast Political Folded Postcard Printing

PrintPlace.com’s range of custom options for political folded postcard printing lets you closely tailor your postcards to your message. 4 choices of card stock, 3 tabbing options, and 5 different sizes let you choose the best way to present your ideas and print political folded postcards that really highlight your message. Folds also let you better organize information in a limited space. Customizable perforations are also available for ballot-by-mail and reply mail.

To print political postcards or to learn more about our other products, please contact us or fill out our custom form.

Political Folded Postcard Printing Layout Templates

Use our political folded postcard printing layout templates to ensure your artwork is sized and formatted correctly. PrintPlace.com layout templates can be downloaded for each standard size below.

Win Hearts and Minds With Political Folded Postcards

Print political folded postcards for a campaign with a human touch. Studies show that postcards and other direct mail materials that can be physically handled allow for much deeper connections compared to digital equivalents. When sent through direct mail, political postcards have the power to change minds in ways digital media can’t compete with, offering better positive response rates. For any well-rounded and meaningful campaign, political postcard printing should be one of your top choices.

Political folded postcards can also be used for any information campaign. Advocacy groups and nonprofits have successfully used folded postcards for information dissemination and surveys. You can even try using the perforation options for convenient mail-in forms. The high response rates and ability to create mail-in forms make these cards popular with campaign managers and consultants as well.