Nobody likes a bragger. But you have gone to great lengths to go green and want your customers to know that.

Thoughts on How to Do Green Marketing Graciously

Nobody likes a bragger. But you have gone to great lengths to go green and want your customers to know that when they invest in you, they also invest in helping our planet. What’s the best way to go? How do you accomplish green marketing graciously?

  • Be subtle. There is no need to plaster the news all over your advertisements. Think about using a small area on the bottom corner or the back of your advertisements. This lets customers discover what you do without shoving the news in their faces.
  • Send out a newsletter. Let your current customers know what you are doing through a newsletter. This puts the going green message alongside other news, making the message a little bit more subtle.
  • Brand it. There are lots of public logos you can use that communicate the green message. Everyone knows what the recycle symbol looks like. Integrate that or others into your design.
  • Advertise green products. By marketing those products that have green benefits, you also tell customers that you are a green company. Let them share in the opportunity to help our environment and at the same time let them know you are dedicated to the effort as well.
  • Use a green theme. Integrating the color green and green terminology into your marketing pitch can help customers understand your values without ever having to say anything specific. Terms like “sustainability” go a long way to making sure customers know you care about the environment.
  • Press release. Consider distributing a press release explaining the new products and services, or even old products and services, that are green. A press release should be factual with zero marketing of specific products. Just give the facts and let people know your values.

These are just a few creative ways to let your customers know that you have gone green without going over the top. Excessive green marketing can be annoying and people can get the idea that you only care about going green for the marketing angle. Keep the message simple and subtle and you should be able to make old and new customers alike excited about your environmental changes.

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