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Bakery Labels

Let customers discover more about the unique flavors and ingredients in your baked goods. Create custom bakery labels that identify and distinguish what each sweet or savory treat has to offer.

Bakery Sticker Labels

Find a label type, shape, and finish that matches your brand.

Highlight the Exceptional Quality of Your Sweet Treats With Custom Bakery Labels

Create a set of bakery labels that distinguish the delicious flavors of your sweet treats. Apart from identifying your business, your custom bakery labels inform customers about the ingredients and process behind each baked good. Every printed label is an opportunity to show the quality and care put into each product. PrintPlace lets you choose from several label types and their respective features.

Shop easily according to the label's purpose before combining the dimensions, shape, and finish to complete its unique look. If you're not sure where to begin, here's a guide to help narrow down your best options.

How to Choose and Create Your Very Own Custom Bakery Labels

Narrow down your label type and format.

The best type for your bakery label will depend on its purpose design. Do you plan on printing a label in the shape of your unique logo? Our custom labels come in a wide range of dimensions and four formats. The custom shape option under roll and kiss-cut loads a long list of widths and heights that you're free to combine.

If your pastries need to be refrigerated, we recommend printing food or product labels. These come with waterproof adhesives such as BOPP, vinyl, and textured material. The BOPP options are your best bet for protection against oil and chemicals inside chilled storage. Vinyl is recommended for outdoor and water exposure.

Are you delivering the baked treats straight to your customer's doorstep? Shipping labels come in elegant, uncoated material that is easy to write on. Order fulfillment is fast and easy as you write down their names and addresses for delivery. You can also print in protective vinyl or BOPP for the branded sections of your bakery labels.

All label types also come in individual cut-to-size or rolls. Cut-to-size labels are individual pieces commonly ordered in quantities under 250 pieces. These are easier to apply using your hand. Rolls come in quantities above 250, with each fitting in most automatic label dispensers. Perfect for big bakery businesses preparing a week's worth of orders.

Add protective coating that elevates your bakery label's branding.

Make sure everyone remembers your business after enjoying your baked delicacies. Choose a coating that will bring out the impression you need to make on your customers. Add a bright gloss, extra shiny high gloss UV, or a muted and elegant matte coating to complement the overall look or emphasize specific details on the design.

Complete your order with the following steps.

  1. Talk to any of our print experts if you have any questions. Contact them through Live Chat or give us a call.
  2. Upload a design or use the online tool. You can also download a print-ready layout template.
  3. Request for a free PDF proof after uploading your design to our site. You can access this in your Shopping Cart after you've sent the file.
  4. Approve the PDF proof so that we can send it to production. If you request a free PDF proof, we will not proceed with printing unless we've received your approval.
  5. Please wait for the transit time based on your location or pick up your order from the Arlington site.

Find the Best Material for Your Label

See how your bakery labels will appear based on the sticker material and laminate. The uncoated white sticker paper offers a straightforward yet smooth finish, while the glossy options offer that extra shine. BOPP comes in several colored and clear backgrounds.

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