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Custom calendar printing: How to make it work for you

Businesses and charities often print calendars for fundraising or as promotional giveaways. Custom calendar printing offers an easy and inexpensive way to promote your brand. It allows you the freedom to be creative with the design and photos, and stays with your customers all year long. If you are thinking about creating one for your business, here are some ideas to get the most out of your calendar.

Choose memorable calendar images

If your product is something that your customers are passionate about like sports cars or diamonds, you are lucky. You can easily use your products as the subjects of your calendar. If you aren’t that lucky, just get creative and tie something into your business.

With a little thought, you can turn your product into one with passion. Think of a dramatic image of a welder, sparks flying. He could be at the top of a tall building or in a dark area so the sparks are illuminated. This powerful image could work whether you’re selling the welding service, the welding gun, the safety equipment, or the training.

Puppies are an ideal passionate subject. Everyone loves puppies, so they are a favorite calendar subject. One animal shelter, Hill County Paw Pals, turned cute puppy calendars into one of their biggest fundraisers.

The tie-in may be less obvious than that though. Pink Ribbon Puppies raises money for breast cancer research by printing custom calendars full of cute puppies donning pink accessories.

Keep your audience in mind. Choose a theme that is relatable for them. Something they will keep.

Tie in your brand with captions

It is best to tie each calendar image to your brand or products, but this doesn’t mean the images need to include your product. The trick is to print a calendar with striking images and use the captions to show how your company relates to the visually stunning illustration.

Beautiful photography of national parks, distinctive cities, or iconic landmarks with the right caption can demonstrate how your brand supports the subject of the photo. For example, if you choose photos of protected national parks, your captions can share with customers the environmentally friendly practices of your company. If you choose photos of historic bridges, your captions can explain how your company is the bridge between a problem and the solution.

A consistent design

Custom calendar printing is an easy tool to promote your brand, but if you plan to create one for more than one year, you can save yourself time by keeping a consistent, distinctive design. This will also help you earn recognition from customers. Photos, products, and captions will change from year to year but by maintaining your company logo, style, and theme, you will help customers recognize and remember it.

Little things make a big difference

These ideas will only take a little time, but can really add value to your calendar.

  • Include coupons at various times throughout the year to encourage customers to come back several times without additional effort from you.
  • Include your logo on each page of the calendar. It should be seen but not intrusive.
  • Be sure the overall design of the calendar is consistent with your other printed marketing materials. This will help customers recognize you.
  • Order extra calendars to have them available throughout the year.
  • Send customers on your mailing list a calendar at the end of each year.  This is an easy way to distribute them to people you already know have an interest in your product.

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