Cardstock and paper options
Printing Help

What Paper Options Do I Have?

What are my paper stock options? Each PrintPlace product has a different set of available paper options, optimized for the normal use of each product. For example, you may order postcards in a selection of cardstocks while brochures can be ordered in a variety of both cardstocks and paper stocks. Likewise, business cards by default …

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Welcome Easter Visitors
Ideas for Churches

6 Ways to Welcome Visitors at Easter

According to Rick Warren, Easter is the only day of the year many people in your community will attend church, which makes Easter a great opportunity to reach out and make visitors feel as welcomed as possible. Here are 6 ways of reaching out to first time visitors: Extra Signage Regular attendees may know which …

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Booklet marketing is a good strategy for nonprofit organizations

4 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs Booklet Marketing

One of the greatest challenges of a nonprofit organization is attracting potential investors. With so many other nonprofit organizations out there, it can be hard to get sponsorships, especially from the corporate world. Here’s the thing with corporate sponsorship: it’s a mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and nonprofit organizations. Even now, businesses are investing in building …

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