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6 Ways to Welcome Visitors at Easter

According to Rick Warren, Easter is the only day of the year many people in your community will attend church, which makes Easter a great opportunity to reach out and make visitors feel as welcomed as possible.

Here are 6 ways of reaching out to first time visitors:

Extra Signage

Easter banner

Regular attendees may know which hall goes to the preschool classes, or even the bathroom, but visitors will appreciate signs clearly directing them where to go. Banners can be a handy way to give directions to services and weekly events.

Activities for Kids

Christian activity booklets

Even in their adorable Easter outfits, kids are going to get squirmy during the service, often making distracted, stressed parents. Have bags or activity booklets ready for kids to keep them occupied.

Communication Cards

communication cards for church

It’s common to ask visitors to jot down their contact info on connection cards if they’d like to receive information on other church activities throughout the year, or if they have a prayer request. On Easter, however, ask everyone, including members, to fill one out. Visitors won’t feel like they are put on the spot and you’ll have an updated record of everyone in attendance. Be sure to order a free stock sample to test out which stocks are easiest to write on.

Special Bulletins

Consider printing the lyrics to the songs or hymns used in the Easter service to make visitors more comfortable with potentially unfamiliar music. Also, note Easter egg hunts, brunch, or other upcoming activities on your church bulletins to further engage your visitors.


Consider noting in the program, as well as verbally in the service, if everyone is welcome to participate in communion, and in what way. Feeling excluded for a portion of the service will discourage any first-time visitors not only from returning to your church, but potentially from visiting any other church, as well.

Follow Up

church thank you cards.

Have a team of volunteers handwrite follow-up notes to visitors who leave their address on the communication cards. Give them ways to contact you if they have any questions or concerns before returning to your church.

Take all or a few of these suggestions and visitors will feel welcome every time they enter your church, which will turn many of them from visitors to members before you know it.

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