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“Exactly as expected!”
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June 9, 2023 by MANNY HERNANDEZ ( NC )
“We have always been satisfied with the quality, the delivery, the cost, of the post cards that we order. Great customer service and their website and ease to order are excellent. Thank you.”
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Took the guesswork out December 27, 2022 by Leslie G ( WI )
“Print Place was excellent at making this process easy and making me feel confident about a service that was new to us.”
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Reach a Wider Audience at a Lower Cost With
Personalized EDDM® Postcards

Every Door Direct Mail (or EDDM®) postcards let you save on the time, money, and effort normally spent on print marketing. Select from any of USPS available mailing routes and send out your personalized messaging to this area. No need to upload a mailing list, which makes EDDM® a more convenient alternative to direct mail postcards. Your message is likely to be received by the thousands of people working from home. You also save on postage costs while also widening the reach of your marketing materials.

How to Customize Your EDDM® Postcards

Select an EDDM® size that will distinguish your message and its design.

All available sizes qualify for the EDDM® rates of the USPS. The largest is the letter-sized 8.5” x 11”, while the 6.25” x 11” offers a medium proportion. The smallest size available is 4” x 11”.

Add a laminate that elevates the messaging on your EDDM® postcards.

Protect one or both sides of your postcard with any of the following finishes:
  • Gloss makes every color pop and appear bright from a distance. Your postcard is enhanced by a chic shine when held against the light.
  • Matte gives your design a luxurious, elegant finish that suits light colors. It offers the least glare among the three available coatings.
  • High gloss UV offers the highest glare and brightest finish for your colors. Suitable for dark and bright colors or complementary hues combined in a postcard design.

Add an uncoated side for any written messages on the postcard. The 14 pt. cardstock can be printed uncoated on one or both sides.

Looking for a thinner and more affordable option? Choose the 10 pt. cardstock. You can coat both sides in matte or gloss coating to elevate the look. Alternatively, you can balance a high gloss UV front with a slightly less shiny gloss back. This option works best for highly visual EDDM® postcards.

Add special discounts or promos.

Encourage customers to avail of special promos or discounts. Offer a 10% discount or a Buy 1 Take 1 deal for specific products. Add a perforated section they can tear off and include in their next order.

Review if any features are EDDM® compliant.

To ensure every detail is EDDM® compliant, avoid adding rounded corners and use a gloss or UV finish on your mailing panels.

Upload your design or use the online design tool.

If you have a print-ready file on hand, select “Upload Now” to send the file directly to our site. The preferred formats are PDF, PSD, PUB, AI, TIFF, and JPEG.

If you're opting to create a design, simply indicate the specifications on the online calculator before choosing "Design Online." The online design tool will load on your browser and show a blank canvas in your selected size.

The EDDM® Advantage

All available sizes are covered under the USPS Every Door Direct Mail® rates. Whatever dimensions you choose, you won't have any problems upon handing them to the USPS for EDDM® delivery. Our online calculator lets you choose from several affordable quantities that will arrive on time.

Have any more questions? Give us a call. We'll be happy to guide you through the process, print your order according to the USPS specifications for EDDM® and ship it to you.

EDDM® Postcards FAQ

Does my EDDM® postcard need a return address?

Yes, you need to indicate your company’s physical address or a P.O. box on the postcard. EDDM® direct mail services require that the return address is indicated on the top left corner.

Will it qualify for EDDM® if it has a fold?

No, but you can add a perforation within any of the EDDM® sizes available for postcards.

How much does an EDDM® postcard cost?

The cost per postcard depends on the size, quantity, and paper type. The 10 pt. cardstock is the most affordable at 56¢ each for 250 postcards. The 14 pt. cardstock uncoated on both sides costs 61¢ for the same quantity.

How do I bundle the EDDM® postcard mail?

You need to bundle between 50 to 100 postcards and submit these with a facing slip. The slip specifies the number of pieces in each bundle. Note that your bundles must not go above 6”. For more information, check out the USPS guidelines for EDDM® mailing.

Will PrintPlace send out my postcard through an EDDM® route?

Our postcards qualify for EDDM® delivery but you’ll have to send them out yourself through USPS. Follow these steps to prepare your postcards for EDDM® delivery:

  1. Go to the USPS website to login or create an Every Door Direct Mail-Retail® account.
  2. Use the EDDM Online tool to select a neighborhood based on demographics such as age, household size, income, and route. You can select multiple routes for a single mailing job.
  3. After confirming your drop-off date and payment, you’ll be asked to print the Postal Service™ processing forms and the EDDM facing slip for the bundles.

Check out our EDDM® guide for more information.

EDDM® Layout Templates

You can save money by using EDDM®, but you must follow the process that USPS has outlined to meet the requirements for low postage rates. As you design your EDDM® postcard, we highly recommend using our layout templates, so you can fit your direct mail piece to the USPS design requirements. Make sure you make room for EDDM indicia.

Our layout templates also ensure that your postcards meet our printing guidelines, complete with bleed lines and a blank space for ink jet-printing an address. Just download the right layout template in an EPS, PDF, or JPG format.

View EDDM® Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

How to Optimize Your Every Door Direct Mail® Campaign

Create a personalized message. Your customers will notice a message with their name. Don’t limit your EDDM® postcards to sale and events promotions. Send out holiday greetings and exclusive discounts for specific seasons to make customers feel special.

Use colors that will appeal to your target market. Your postcards are being sent to specific addresses based on their age, income, and other demographics. What colors, fonts, and other design elements would call their attention? Keep your audience in mind as you create the postcard design.

Include a call to action. Your message should encourage customers to act. Whether it’s to avail of your discount, visit your new website or order your new product, make this call to action clear in your postcard.

*EDDM® and EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL® are trademarks of the United States Postal Service

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