With so many advertisements in one space, you must be careful to make your poster stand out.

 January 12, 2014

Advertising With Posters On Campus 

If you have ever found yourself in front of a bulletin board, you will know that some posters draw you in, while others simply do not. With so many advertisements in one space, you must be careful to make your poster stand out. Here are a few design elements and posting guidelines that will help your poster printing campaign to succeed. 
1. Clear and catchy designs win the day 
Poster printing involves a delicate balance of graphics, text, and white space. Large print and simple phrasing will command attention from those passing by. Graphics are great eye catchers as well, so long as they do not clutter up the poster. That is where the white space comes in. White space is the area on your poster left blank. Used well, white space will call attention to your message. As a rule, your poster message should be clear enough to understand from a distance. 
2. Be specific with your message 
Decide ahead of time what the purpose of your poster is. Poster printing is most effective if the message is clear and to the point. You should not include unnecessary information. For events, include the date, time, and place. If necessary, describe the event briefly. If you are selling something, showcase only that item. Do not throw in a few extra products, since this will just clutter up the poster and make it boring. 
3. Use different sized posters 
You can use any size in poster printing. Experiment with different ones to see which works best for you. Sometimes space on the bulletin board will dictate what size your poster should be. A large area does not necessarily mean that you need a larger poster. Try posting several posters together in a pattern. This will make a statement and will likely draw attention. 
4. Be thoughtful of others when you hang your poster 
Never cover up a competitor's poster. If there is no room on the bulletin board, look for an outdated poster and cover it up or remove it. Don't get upset if your poster is covered up. Just remember to check on them ever so often to uncover them. 
5. There is a strategy to hanging posters 
You have spent some time and money on poster printing and you want your advertisement to be seen. There a few places on the bulletin board that are prime real estate. Center of the board is most coveted. If you have a temporary, time sensitive poster, go ahead and place it in the center, since it will get covered up shortly. If you have a long term poster, place it around the perimeter. And hang more than one poster up by scattering them or placing them together. Either way, more posters will get more noticed. Use a staple gun to hang you poster. Staples cannot be borrowed and they hold very well. Well-placed posters will grab attention so that your poster will do its job.

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