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Packaging Inserts

  • An affordable way to elevate your unboxing experience
  • Personalize each delivery with postcards, stickers, or brochures
  • Design your packaging inserts online & get a free proof

Get Creative With Custom Inserts

Design targeted messaging for your customers.

Utilize the Power of Custom Packaging Inserts

Package design and production can be expensive for a small or medium business. Custom packaging inserts are an affordable alternative that personalizes every delivery, while still showcasing your brand’s image and the product’s top-notch quality. From postcards, stickers, to brochures, packaging inserts let you tell all kinds of stories about your business and tailor the messaging to your audience. Print a set in bulk or in the exact quantities you need to save money. Unlike customized packaging, inserts come at rates that follow your budget while also increasing the likelihood of return sales. By investing in creative packaging inserts for first-time customers, you’re more likely to get another purchase from them in the future.

Slip each insert easily into your box, pouch, or mailer to make it an exciting part of the unboxing experience. Not sure which is the best type for your messaging? Check out this guide to walk you through the various options.

Innovative Ways to Use Your Custom Packaging Inserts

Partner images and text on the pages of a catalog or brochures.

Include multi-page content with every package or item delivery so customers can know more about your business and the wide range of products you have to offer. By giving them an easy reference for what other items they can use and integrate into their lifestyles, you set the foundations for a repeat sale.

Send out personalized greetings on postcards.

Have a database of your customers? Send them a special gift code or freebie along with a personalized birthday greeting. Seeing their name printed or handwritten makes them feeling special, thus increasing the chances of customers remembering and returning to your business.

Announce exclusive discounts or sales on flyers.

Is there an upcoming product launch, store opening, or seasonal sale you need to promote? Include flyers inside your gift box to provide complete information on the upcoming event. Print in size and shape that they can easily hang on their refrigerators for reference. There are also silk and metallic flyers for high-end brands or events with a luxury target market.

Include cute decorative stickers of your logo and brand name for customers to use.

Surprise freebies always make a customer happy. Print a set of single cut-to-size stickers or rolls with creative designs that they’ll want to apply on their laptops, notebooks, craft journals, and other personal items. To increase brand retention, come up with design iterations of your logo, company name, and other visuals associated with your business. Make sure the stickers have a look they’ll want to proudly display and can withstand outdoor or indoor exposure. Our custom sticker options let you print on waterproof or weather-resistant materials.

Have questions about our printing services? Contact any of our print experts by phone or Live Chat and they’ll gladly walk you through the process.

Packaging Inserts FAQs

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