Bottle Stickers

  • Choose between cut-to-size or roll formats
  • Print in standard shapes or custom sizes
  • Indoor & outdoor-friendly materials
  • Add rounded corners for a sleeker finish

Create Bottle Stickers Designed to Suit Your Brand

custom sticker for bottle packaging

Custom Stickers

  • 4 standard shapes
  • Standard & custom sizes
  • Protective coatings

clear stickers for jar bottles

Clear Stickers

  • Made of waterproof BOP
  • Comes in roll formats
  • Matte or gloss coatings

bulk stickers for bottles

Bulk Stickers

  • Custom sizes for roll
  • Cheaper prices per unit
  • Order up to 100,000

Design the Perfect Bottle Stickers for Your Small Business

Order a set of bottle stickers you’ll proudly display on your latest product or a new set of items. Place them by hand using cut-to-size formats or apply a large set using a roll in an automatic label dispenser. Available in waterproof vinyl, BOPP, or textured variations that keep the design good as new after exposure to water. Ordering and creating are easy thanks to our file upload system, free templates, and online design tool. Here’s how you can design custom bottle stickers that showcase your logo, product name, and other important details.

How to Maximize Your Bottle Sticker Printing

sticker for hand sanitizer bottle
round stickers for jars and bottles
custom stickers for plastic bottles

Order in a Size and Shape That Fits All the Important Information

Standard shapes such as square, rectangle, circle, and oval are available for both cut-to-size and roll stickers. You can also print in custom sizes for larger roll orders. Select “Custom” as your shape and a variety of widths and heights starting at 0.5” will appear on the online calculator.

Consider How Much Water and Moisture Your Bottle Will Be Exposed To

Choose from the following recommended materials, depending on the finish and durability you need for the sticker’s overall effect:

  • White vinyl sticker (high gloss) is a UV-resistant, waterproof material that is built to last both indoors and outdoors. Perfect for bottles displayed at outdoor markets or events.
  • BOPP is normally seen on bottles and jars stored in refrigerators. Perfect for items that need to be chilled to extend their shelf-life. Comes in white, clear, and silver metallic variations. Exclusive to roll stickers only.
  • Textured options are seen on wine bottles and other gourmet or luxury food items. Recommended for items stored in the short-term in your refrigerator but need to stand out on display along the grocery aisle.

Download a Template or Use the Online Design Tool for Faster Creation

Head over to the Templates tab and choose from the free options available. Design templates for COVID-19 are available. But for those that need a more tailored design, layout templates in a wide range of sizes can be downloaded to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I consult your print experts for specific information about my printing order?

Yes, our print experts will gladly answer all your queries about the product and the printing process. Contact them from 7 am to 8 pm (CT) on Mondays to Fridays for any of your questions and clarifications.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes, you need to order at least 25 cut-to-size bottle stickers and at least 250 rolls to qualify for an order.

Can I view my bottle sticker file before it is printed?

Yes, you can view and approve the free PDF proof online before it proceeds to production. After uploading your file, select “I need a PDF proof” under the “Proofing Options.” From there, you can download or see the PDF proof from the Shopping Cart after upload or on My Account after checkout. Note that we will only proceed with the printing after you’ve approved.

How fast can I get my bottle stickers printed?

Cut-to-size stickers can be printed in 1 business day, while roll formats are printed in 2 business days. Choose these as your designated production times for a faster turnover. For more information, check out the detailed explanation for turnaround options.

Note that the production time does not include the period spent in transit. To find out how soon you can receive your order, refer to the next question

Can I get an estimate of how soon my order will arrive?

Yes, select “Get Shipping Estimate” below the online calculator and input your ZIP code. Several arrival dates will appear, along with the transit time.

Customers based in Arlington can pick up their orders for free. The pick-up date will also appear based on your area.

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Bottle Stickers Layout Templates

Download layout templates so your bottle stickers meet the necessary printing standards. All file templates include guidelines to ensure you get the results you want upon printing.