pantry labels

Pantry Labels

Create kitchen labels that customers can use to identify your ingredients. Choose from various shapes and sizes to match any length. Designs are printed on sturdy indoor or waterproof materials that last a long time.

Popular Kitchen Labels

Find the right combination of details for your pantry container labels.

Stand Out in Every Kitchen With Distinct Pantry Labels

Personalize pantry labels that will help customers identify your product in their kitchen. Creating a unique look for your items increases preparation and cooking efficiency while distinguishing your brand with every item used. You can customize a set of labels for your products or include pantry container labels for them to use with every purchase.

Our printing services let you choose the right size, shape, and material. Find out how you can combine the best details so your brand can stand out in every pantry or kitchen.

How to Create the Best Pantry Container Labels

Choose a label type that suits your product.

Find a label that will match the look, feel, and needs of your customers.

Custom labels offer more flexibility and options in creating a particular look.

Waterproof labels are the sturdiest and most protective option against moisture. Vinyl, the most durable material, protects against fading and endures challenging weather, while BOPP is built for refrigeration.

Clear labels are perfect for glass or plastic containers. With clear labels, the words identifying the item stand out instantly and are easy to spot. These are made of BOPP, so they can also withstand moisture in a refrigerator.

Select a format depending on the quantity and application.

Custom labels come in four formats, while clear and waterproof labels are available in the standard single pieces or rolls:

  • Singles or cut-to-size labels are individually shaped in the size you indicate. These are easy to apply by hand and are best ordered in small quantities.
  • Rolls help manage large sticker quantities and fit in most label dispensers.
  • Sheets print the same type or differently sized labels on a letter-sized page. Recommended for those manually applying labels but need them organized on several sheets
  • Kiss-cut labels are like singles but place the individual shapes on a sheet size of your choice

Find a shape that works for the container.

Standard shapes are available for all label formats, but the singles format offers more choice with arch, hexagon, heart, and starburst. Roll, sheet, and kiss-cut labels come in a long list of custom sizes you can select from.

Print in a material that lasts in its storage space.

Vinyl is the sturdiest option and protects labels from fading. But for containers that will be kept indoors, a white paper sticker does the job.

BOPP protects containers from moisture, oil, and chemical exposure when refrigerated.

For more information on the adhesive materials, check out the video below.

High-Quality Labels for Every Design

Want to see the label materials up close? Check out this video to see your design’s likely appearance.

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Kitchen and Pantry Labels FAQ

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