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Thanksgiving Stickers

Ring in the season of gratitude with Thanksgiving stickers. Add them to special product purchases or new releases to give your items that special touch.

Popular Sticker Types

Find the best sticker format for your Thanksgiving promotions.

Choose Stickers by Shape or Materials

Shop according to the shape, purpose, or look of your custom Thanksgiving stickers.

Stand Out in Your Seasonal Promos With Fun Thanksgiving Stickers

Make the incoming season more festive and fun with custom Thanksgiving stickers. Include them as freebies to in-store or delivered purchases. Add them as seals to envelopes or use them as decorations on special announcements. However you decide to apply your business' Thanksgiving stickers, they will make every item more memorable and ease customers into the incoming season.

Read on to know which are the best features for your stickers.

How to Find the Best Sticker Types and Feature for Your Business

Based on the categories provided above, you can narrow down the kind of sticker that will represent your business. Your choice will also depend on how you will design and use the sticker.

  • Custom stickers come in four formats and offer the most variety in materials, sizes, and shapes. These are recommended for designs that require a specific combination of features to achieve their unique look.
  • Die-cut stickers are cut to your design's exact shape until the edges are recommended for Happy Thanksgiving stickers sent as greetings and other shape-specific designs.
  • Vinyl stickers are both waterproof and weatherproof. The durable vinyl material protects the Thanksgiving Day stickers from fading. Perfect for decorative elements exposed outdoors or placed near moist conditions.

Choose the appropriate format for the Thanksgiving sticker's shape and application. PrintPlace offers various formats, shapes, sizes, and materials that will bring your custom Thanksgiving stickers design to life. All sticker options come in single or cut-to-size and roll formats.

  • Single or individual stickers are fit for separate applications or given away as unique pieces.
  • Rolls are usually printed in quantities above 250 pieces. Recommended for label dispensers and sticker sets.

If you need more choices, custom stickers also come in sheet and kiss-cut formats.

  • Sheets can have the same or multiple designs on each page. We recommend these for decorative stickers your customers will use with your product or for their personal use.
  • Kiss-cut stickers are individual pieces cut to the exact shape until the edges, recommended for Thanksgiving stickers with a custom shape outside of the standard sizes available.

Print in a material that protects the overall look of your custom Thanksgiving stickers. Vinyl works best for stickers exposed outdoors, while the BOPP is typically used on refrigerated drinks and food items.

Have questions about the printing process? Contact our print experts, and they'll gladly walk you through the details.

Discover the Best Material for Your Thanksgiving Stickers

Your design is printed on quality materials–from sturdy indoor white paper stickers that come uncoated or with gloss  to extra shiny, outdoor-friendly vinyl. Check out how the material options can elevate your Thanksgiving sticker designs.


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