Political Decals

Endorse your candidate loudly and proudly with custom political decals.

Custom Political Decals

Choose from four different types of stickers for your custom political decal.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers

  • Ultimate waterproof protection
  • Vivid full-color printing

Print Car Magnets

Car Magnets

  • Advertise without damaging car paint
  • Order up to 50
  • May be available within 1 business day

Print Custom Voting Stickers

Voting Stickers

  • Customized to your specification
  • A range of shapes
  • Available in 1 business day

Create Eye-catching Political Decals with PrintPlace

Political decals literally make a bigger statement than custom stickers. Although both print products function the same way, political decals are guaranteed to grab more attention because of their sheer size. Custom decals are the way to go for business owners and supporters who want to express their endorsement without holding back.

The best material for political decals is vinyl since it’s waterproof, fade-resistant, and guaranteed to last long. Political decals can even withstand prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Since vinyl adheres to all types of surfaces, it can be used on storefronts, windows, and vehicles.

We at PrintPlace offer different ways to develop a one-of-a-kind design for your political decal. You may upload your artwork and request a proof before printing to check if the final design is exactly how you want it to look. You may also create a design from scratch with our online design tool, where you can upload your images, add text and shapes, and change colors. Still no design in mind? Don’t worry. You may place an order now and upload or create one later.

Discover What Our Political Decals Are Made Of

Do you want to know more about the materials we use for our custom decals? In this video, we list down all options and how they differ from one another to help you choose the best one that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Political Decals

Q: Are political decals removable?
A:Yes, they are. Follow these simple steps to ensure that they don’t leave any residue:
  1. Position a blow dryer at least six inches away from the decal and heat evenly to soften the adhesive.
  2. Using a credit card or plastic scraper, peel off one corner and slowly pull across. Apply heat to loosen stubborn areas.
  3. Wipe off the sticky spots with an old towel or a microfiber rag soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Q: When can I receive my custom political decals?
A:We offer different print turnaround times for our custom decals. Visit the page of your preferred decal or sticker product by searching above to customize your order and get a shipping estimate.

Please note that the print turnaround time does not include shipping, weekends, and holidays. To check the shipping rates, dates, and whether pickup is available in your location, type in your ZIP code in “Get Shipping Estimate” and click “Calculate”.

Free Downloadable Print Templates

Our print geeks have put together these free, ready-to-print templates you can use for your business. You can add your logo, change the text, and we’ll get it printed and on its way to you.

For more ready-to-print designs, visit our Print Templates page.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

I purchased vinyl stickers and postcards and needed help to ensure my design fit the dimensions needed. The customer service was great!

- Kristen J, California

What Our Customers Have to Say

The customer service I received when I called with a shipping address change—was superb. I was delighted to speak with a delightful woman instead of an electronic 'pick your number' system. She went above and beyond to help me and make sure I would have my entire order arrive on time.

- Wambo, Vermont

What Our Customers Have to Say

Quick turnaround and excellent results. I will order again.

- Bianca, California