Postcard Printing – Bigger Is Better!

Imagine opening your mailbox and finding an oversized postcard. Now, what's your next move? Obviously, your curiosity is probably piqued. So, you at least give the postcard a glance. As a business owner considering a postcard printing campaign, would you consider this a success story if this postcard had been yours? Absolutely!

Therein lies the power of big postcard printing. For example, 6 X 11 or 7 X 10 postcards are large enough to really jump out at your potential customers while still being cost effective. This is especially true for postcard printing campaigns of 1000 or more pieces. So consider these pros and cons as you weigh whether or not big postcard printing is right for you.


  • Higher likelihood of recognition
  • More room for more information
  • Cost per piece only a little bit more than standard postcards
  • Still fits in a standard mailbox


  • Higher cost per piece
  • There may be higher postage costs
  • Some communities have restrictions on bulk mail and postcard sizes

Final thoughts
As you can see, large postcard printing is not for everybody. While you do increase the likelihood that a customer will read your postcard, there are cost tradeoffs that must be carefully considered. As most businesses have come to understand though, a slight increase in your response rate for a campaign can result in large return on investment gains.

Find a professional printing firm that can handle direct mail services as well as the postcard printing duties. This will not only save you time and money but also they can give you information about oversized postcard printing bulk mail solutions.

Postcards can take your business to new heights! Capitalize on high quality postcard printing at low prices every day. Shop our postcards and see for yourself.

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