Looking for a more personal marketing tool? A custom business greeting card may be what you need.

January 12, 2014

More on Business Greeting Cards

If your company is looking for a more personal marketing tool, then a custom business greeting card is what you need. Postcards are excellent for sending out general information but do not have the personal feel of a greeting card. Many companies send out corporate greetings cards, but you can extend your mailing to employees, clients, or potential prospects.

Use greeting cards for a popular holiday such as Christmas and even St. Patrick's Day or President's Day. Your contacts need a reminder of your presence more than once a year. Birthdays are a great way to show clients that you care. Show appreciation through thank you cards or sympathy with get well cards. Whatever the occasion, your greeting card will make your clients feel more connected to you.

Design the front of your postcard with an appropriate image and greeting. Be sure to use high-quality photographs so that your card looks professional. Choose a short but unique message for the interior. No one wants to spend more than a few seconds reading a card. To personalize the card, use your logo as a salutation. You can even add a friendly gesture with a phrase such as "From your friends at. . ."

PrintPlace.com gives you the tools you need for printing a custom business greeting card. We offer four free templates, two sizes with the option of custom trimming, five paper stocks, and three coatings. PrintPlace.com prints full color with a full bleed option on the outside and the choice of black and white, color, or blank insides. We even offer mailing services that include stuffing, addressing, stamping, and mailing. At PrintPlace.com, we will provide you with professional designs that will enhance the personal side of your company.

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