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Customer Story: Pacific Coast Artisans

Now that the gift-giving season is in full swing, postcards aren’t usually the first thing you’d consider when considering gift ideas. But when you think about it, these unassuming stationery pieces are surprisingly thoughtful presents.

Keep reading and get to know Pacific Coast Artisans, an Oregon-based artist who crafts postcards and greeting cards for all occasions. Crystal, the creative mind behind it, has a unique way of adding a touch of the holiday spirit to her creations: by connecting people through her art, capturing the essence of Christmas with simplicity and heartfelt artistry.

How Pacific Coast Artisans started

Pacific Coast Artisans is a small business specializing in greeting cards and stickers.

Crystal, the owner, originally intended to sell greeting cards of her artwork at her family’s lavender farm. When it closed, she rebranded and changed the name of her business to Pacific Coast Artisans as a nod to featuring more artwork from friends and family in the future.

What’s on the canvas

Crystal’s art is a mix of nature, watercolors, and acrylics. She likes to paint landscapes from places she has visited, fantasy desserts, birds, insects, and flowers (especially roses) that she finds exceptionally beautiful, cute, and colorful — think picturesque vibrant landscapes and flowers reminiscent of Christmas in the countryside or mountains.

Sharing her creations is something that Crystal genuinely enjoys, hoping they bring inspiration and joy to others.


She aims to craft postcards that are suitable for sale throughout the year. While she hasn’t ventured much into holiday-themed artworks, Christmas and Valentine’s Day postcards are in the pipeline. She also has a few paintings lined up to get printed on cards and stickers — something to watch out for!

Why greeting cards/postcards and stickers

“I love interactive artwork, and I think that is one reason some of my artwork transfers over to greeting cards and stickers so well,” Crystal said.


It’s easier and more affordable to purchase a greeting card or a sticker than original paintings for homes or offices. As Crystal puts it, “printing my art on greeting cards and stickers enables me to reach a much larger audience.”

In fact, some of her murals have made their way to her greeting cards and stickers. The murals showcased on her greeting cards and stickers serve as a bridge between locals and tourists. Crystal shared, “I’ve noticed that people want artwork from places they’ve visited. So, my artwork of local Southern Oregon scenes is meaningful to tourists who find my cards and stickers in local gift shops such as Violets & Cream in Jacksonville, OR.

Sometimes strangers reach out and tell me they purchased a greeting card to send to their friends or family.  This is what I’m passionate about, and this is why I do it.”

The PrintPlace experience

Pacific Coast Artisans began working with PrintPlace with a simple order of business cards. What began as a one-time transaction has blossomed into a continuous collaboration.

Crystal says, “I have chosen PrintPlace for my 5×7 greeting cards because they allow me to order smaller amounts of each card design. The flexibility to order in smaller quantities has been crucial for a small business like ours since it’s more cost-efficient. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it was to design using their online editor tool.”

In a nutshell

Pacific Coast Artisans reminds us of the joy of sending and receiving handwritten messages. If you’re looking for something different, why not make your gifts this holiday season more personal with postcards — perfect for any occasion with a touch of warmth and individuality.

Explore Crystal’s postcards, greeting cards, and stickers online or at the following locations:

Grants Pass:
•   Aquarius Books & Gifts
•   True Juice Organics
Applegate Valley:
•   Whistling Duck Farm Store
•   Provolt Country Store
•   English Lavender Farm (June & July only)
Rogue River:
•   Le Fleur Bouquet
•   Fry Family Farm
•   Pollinator Project of Rogue Valley
•   Pheasant Fields Farm (Seasonal)
•   Violets & Cream


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