Political Mail Being Delivered
All Things Political

Delivery Options for Your Political Mail

One of the biggest questions that I am asked by candidates about political mail is the pros and cons of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) vs Presorted Standard Mail, the traditional method of sending political mail to a specific list.  Each has its own unique benefits as well as drawbacks. What is Every Door Direct …

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a selection of hotel print materials

3 Compelling Reasons to Update Your Hotel Print Materials

Hotel print materials are essential to this industry’s marketing. Everything from notepads, brochures, to flyers has been a part of hotel marketing for decades and will likely be a part of it for decades to come. But like all businesses, your hotel rebrands and changes to catch up with the times. That’s one good reason …

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Color Palette Pointers
Graphic Design

3 Color Palette Pointers for Effective Brochure Design

Brochures are an important part of any marketing campaign. When combined with other marketing tools such as social media and other print products, brochures can be highly effective. This is especially true when they are given to prospects that have already signaled interest in your product or service. Effective brochure design can help reduce waste, increase conversion rates, and …

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minimalist design
Graphic Design

Why a Minimalist Brochure Design Works

In brochure design, there are many styles and preferences. Maximalist and minimalist designs are the two opposing poles when it comes to brochure design and brochure printing, and both have advocates and detractors. Let’s take a look at the minimalist brochure design and what it brings to the table. Minimalism is all about simplicity and …

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Brochure Printing: What Works

Design a Brochure That Brings Customers to You

Brochures are most broadly used to give an overview of a company. They include space for photos and detailed highlights. Brochure printing is a great form of advertising because it contains just enough information to spark interest, as well as some contact details to find out more.

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Brochure Design Tutorial
Graphic Design

How to Create a Design Brochure: A Video Tutorial

Today’s printing tip video illustrates how to design a trifold brochure. Our graphic designer, Julie, walks you through the layout of a trifold brochure. She goes through each panel on the brochure and shares tips on how to design each section effectively. Watch the video below to get important tips on designing a trifold brochure.

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Meridian Voices retractable banner
Customer Spotlight

Customer Story: Meridian Voices

Musicians embody both discipline and creativity to excel in their fields. Whether they’re an orchestra violinist, a choir member, or a Broadway musical actress, their craft demands hours of practice and working with others to give audiences the best performance possible. Many of these musicians juggle a teaching career or other day job with the …

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