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Customer Story: PersonalRX

  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that approximately 12% of Americans, roughly 40 million people, take five or more medications regularly. Of this population, statistics show that poor medication management results in an abundance of ER visits, hospital stays, and doctor visits – all of which produce a crippling impact upon the US …

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How to Create High Quality Business Cards

Many people skimp on their business cards, thinking they aren’t that important. They assume that these pieces will be thrown away moments after being handed out. Or that they can easily exchange contact information by exchanging phones at inputting each other’s numbers. But this attitude is what ends up making your business card an afterthought …

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20 Free Business Card Fonts
Graphic Design

20 Free Fonts for Fabulous Business Cards

In a marketing piece as small but relevant as business cards, the choice of font can make or break the design. The purpose of business cards is to convey contact information, so the right font can clarify or muddle up such important details. Having your own palette of free fonts makes the task easier. Make …

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fill beds year round bed and breakfast

Cost-Effective B&B Marketing That Will Fill Beds Year-Round

Cost-effective bed and breakfast (B&B) marketing isn’t about being cheap. It’s about understanding what expenses provide your business the most value in return, regardless of the actual price. A focus on cost-cutting can often distract you from what is truly important about your business. This is especially true in the highly-competitive hospitality industry. That said, …

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Print Materials for Restaurant Christmas Promotion Ideas
Bar and Restaurant

5 Festive Restaurant Christmas Promotion Ideas

Most businesses get a bump around the holidays, especially as we get closer and closer to Christmas. Restaurants have the opportunity to get in on this bump in the days leading up to Christmas, but they need to target their food and services just right. These restaurant Christmas promotion ideas are tried and tested ideas to get …

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Printing Help

Can I Print Postage on Envelopes and Postcards?

Yes, you can use your own postage printing equipment to place postage on your printed postcards and envelopes. If you want to print your own postage on postcards, it’s important that you choose the right paper and coating so that your equipment isn’t damaged. The best coating choice will offer protection and enhance the color …

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Real Estate

14 Ideas to Bring Your Real Estate Postcards Up to Date

Direct mail postcards are one of the most popular tools available to marketers in the real estate industry. Unfortunately, innovation in real estate postcards has largely stagnated, even in today’s app-driven age. And while printed postcards continue to be as effective as they’ve ever been, a lot of them tend to look alike and follow …

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