Why postcards? Postcard printing may very well be your biggest marketing bang for the buck.

Elements of a Successful Postcard Printing Campaign

As more and more businesses shift advertising and marketing to online formats, your business may very well be able to take advantage of marketing’s secret weapon – postcard printing.  Arguably the most cost effective and efficient advertising tool, postcard printing has had one major Achilles’ heel: major competition with junk mail.  But with fewer businesses taking advantage of postcard printing, the mailbox landscape is much less cluttered. 
Postcard printing may very well be your biggest marketing bang for the buck.  So this article focuses on the elements of successful postcard printing. 
Why postcards? 
Postcards arrive to your customer pre-opened.  Your customers do not have to actually open an envelope to be exposed to your message.  This means that the likelihood that a customer will see your advertisement increases dramatically. 
Well-designed postcards are also very simple.  The instant your customer glances at your postcard, hopefully they have been exposed to the entirety of your advertisement.  But this makes postcard printing and design all the more important.
Key ingredients to success 
Now that you know why postcard printing works so well, you need to understand what and how to include on your postcard.   

  • Full color – make sure that your postcards are in full color to increase the likelihood that your customers will see it.
  • Simplicity – make sure your message is encapsulated with a bold headline so that your customer can quickly and easily identify the point.
  • Both sides – use the front of a postcard to engage the customer, and the back of the postcard to include contact information and any details.
  • Call to action – when you include a coupon or a discount for a limited time, you encourage your customers to contact you quickly.
  • Logo – do not forget your company’s logo as postcard printing is an ideal opportunity for reinforcing your brand.

With less competition in the mailbox, postcard printing is quickly becoming one of the most effective print advertising methods available.  Postcards arrive pre-opened and give your customer a simple message, which translates to higher potential response rates.  Finally, don’t forget the key elements that make a successful postcard printing campaign: color, simplicity, use both sides, include a call to action, and don’t forget your logo.

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