Despite the large amount of business taking place online, printed materials still have their place.

Keeping Your Postcard Mailing List Organized and Productive

Direct mail can be a valuable part of your marketing campaign. Despite the large amount of business taking place online and on mobile devices, postcards, printed newsletters, brochures, and more still have their place. There is still a large part of our market that will only do business when they receive printed mail. In addition, combining postcard printing with banner ads can be a winning combination for sending traffic to your website.

The more information you have about your customers and prospects, the more personal your direct mail can be. When you personalize your postcards, you have a far better response rate. 

Correct Outdated Prefixes
If the prefixes are wrong on your postcards, you take away any advantage that personalizing has. A common problem happens when a spouse is deceased and you take out the name but not the prefix. Also, if your customer lets you know about a marriage or a divorce, be sure to make the appropriate changes. 

Separate Individuals from Businesses
The postcards you send out to individuals should be written differently than the ones you send to businesses. Often, an offer given to businesses will include industry terms, while an offer made to individuals will need to be understandable to everyone.

Group Current and Potential Customers Separately
You might send postcards to your current customers alerting them of a sale with the headline, “Exclusive sale for member and friends.” For potential customers, you can offer special first time purchase discounts. Separate offers such as these are easier to do if you organize your mailing list into groups.

Look for One-character “Names” in Your Lists
You probably have some one-character names on your mailing list. Instead of Bob, it might say B. This can create a problem when you set your software to use first name salutations. Mr. B or Mrs. T is not personal nor pleasant. For abbreviated names in your list, be sure to use “friend” or their last name as a greeting. 

Check for Foreign Addresses
This is an easy one. Just scan your zip codes and find the ones with a different number of digits than in your country. For instance, if you are located in the USA, find zip codes with less than or more than five digits.

Improving results of direct mail could be as simple as taking a look into your contact list. So spend a little time tidying up your address book to make sure you get the most from each of your upcoming direct mail campaigns.

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