Press Release: PrintPlace Continues to Impress

Arlington, TX, July 25, 2008 – Having been in operation for 2 years, PrintPlace has already established itself as one of the leading companies in the online printing industry.  In their short history, PrintPlace has shown beyond a doubt that they are committed to providing the very best printing services possible. But they are certainly not resting on their laurels.  Instead, PrintPlace continues to improve its services and wow its customers. They continually discover ways to improve upon their already impressive processes.

Providing print-perfect results is PrintPlace’s primary goal and their remarkable team of designers and developers are dedicated to providing accurate proofs for each and every one of their customers.  In line with this, they work tirelessly to improve their proofing engine to make sure their proofing service displays as accurately as possible the appearance of the finished product. With the fastest, most advanced proof rendering engine on the Internet, electronic proofs are converted and visible on average in less than two minutes per page and accurately display safety zones, cut lines and bleed lines for all products.

And, in yet another attempt to provide impeccable customer service, they have added a digital press to, allowing  them to make hard copy proofs on the same stock as the finished piece, with certain size restrictions. With such a streamlined approach, PrintPlace is setting the industry standard in making the proofing process faster and more user-friendly.
We expect to hear more advancement from this exceptional full color printing company as they strive further beyond the competition to redefine quality printing and excellent customer services. They are truly passionate about online printing and being the very best in the industry.

About PrintPlace – PrintPlace is a partnership between print professionals, designers and developers committed to delivering the best online printing experience.  PrintPlace has an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility.  They boast the industry’s most powerful and flexible quote tool.  They have engineering a unique workflow that guarantees end-to-end color management.  In short, they have established themselves as the best online printing company in business providing poster printing and brochure printing services.