3 Overlooked Hotel Marketing Ideas That Will Draw More Guests

These days, it’s not just other hotels that you have to worry about. Services such as AirBNB now pose a threat to traditional hotel accommodations. While the scale of this threat is still being debated, it’s clear enough that the old hotel marketing paradigm has been upended. While still necessary, having a website and decent …

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Draw more summer business with rack cards

Summer… Sun… Beaches… Sandals… Drinks with little umbrellas in them… I could go on and on. Who doesn’t love summer? It puts adults and children alike in uplifted moods. School is out and family vacations are in. Not everyone gets a break during this peak season though. For those of us still working through the warmth of summer, …

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Tyler Junior College Postcard Marketing

Customer Spotlight: Tyler Junior College

For today’s spotlight video, Tim and I drove to Tyler Junior College to see the campus and talk to key staff members who use our printing. We battled thunderstorms, traffic jams, and even a tornado, but we made it there and back relatively unharmed. Although the video below doesn’t include any shots of us getting …

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