Just Sold Postcards

Just Sold Postcards

Celebrate your success and flex those real estate muscles with just sold postcards. Show potential clients that you get the job done. A little bragging wouldn’t hurt after all.

Upsell Your Services With Just Sold Postcards

Flex Your Sales Muscles With Just Sold Postcards

The real estate industry is as competitive as it gets. You need to take advantage of every chance to market your business, spread awareness, and remain top of mind. Just sold postcards give you a golden opportunity to showcase your business savvy to existing and potential clients.

When someone receives a just sold postcard from you, it tells them two things: that your business exists, first and foremost, and that you can successfully close deals. Even if they have no idea who you are prior to the initial interaction, they’ll immediately get the message that they can count on you to successfully deliver down the line. That’s powerful messaging from a simple postcard.

Customized Content is Key

Just sold postcards have more nuance than meets the eye. It’s not a simple humblebrag – everyone can do that on social media for free. Always keep in mind that it’s a marketing opportunity. This entails customizing every aspect of the postcards to cater to your clients.

Select a material apt for the end use

Do you want the recipients to use the postcards as discount vouchers? If so, adding a perforated section is ideal. Will it travel a long distance? Consider a thick and durable material. Here are some of the most popular postcard cardstocks we offer:

  • 10 pt. cardstock – Lightest material option. Cost-effective and easy to hand out.
  • 14 pt. cardstock – Similar thickness and feel with business cards.
  • 16 pt. cardstock – Thick and heavyweight cardstock ideal for premium products.
  • 17 pt. cardstock– The thickest postcard material we offer. This comes uncoated and is perfect for writing on.

Elevate your messaging with exquisite finishing

Sometimes, standard doesn’t cut it. We also offer premium finishes tailor-made for wooing VIP clients.

  • Metallic – Make your messaging shine bright. Choose from tried-and-tested metallic neutrals or a vibrant full-color shine.
  • Spot UV – Highlight specific parts in your design with a high-gloss treatment.
  • Raised Spot UV – Add a tactile feel to your postcard with embossed elements treated with high-gloss UV.
  • Silk– An elegant finish reminiscent of silk. The laminate adds tear- and moisture-resistance to the postcard.
  • Velvet Soft Touch – A soft and luxurious finish that offers a similar feel to velvet. Minimizes smudges and fingerprints on the postcard surface.

Drum up business with direct mail and custom mailing lists

Direct mail is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. It lets you tap specific markets with specific messaging. With each different mailing list, you can communicate a different message. This way, your approach is more thought-through and targeted, as opposed to blindly taking shots in the dark.

Your Visual Guide to Postcard Materials

Want a better visualization of the different cardstock options we offer? Watch the video below for a better glimpse of our materials’ real world applications. You can also read up in greater detail about our cardstock options below. 
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