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Thank You Stickers

Show customers your full appreciation with thank you stickers. Apply them on special packages or use them to seal envelopes that contain gift cards. Find the features to create custom thank you stickers today.

Popular Sticker Types

Shop according to the shape, material, or quantity of your order.

Find the Right Shape and Materials

Narrow down your search to the best format or sticker adhesive.

Customize Thank You Stickers for an Upcoming Promo
or Packaging Upgrade

Saying thank you goes a long way, even with customers who do business regularly with your store or restaurant. Design thank you stickers and apply them to your delivered packages. Your “thank you for supporting my small business” stickers add a human touch and remind consumers whom they are helping with each purchase.

Whether you have a specific look in mind or have yet to design your custom thank you stickers, you can use our available online tools to print stickers that you’d love to share with your customers. Check out the shapes, sizes, and materials available on our site so you can narrow down your options on what kind of stickers can best showcase your gratitude.

Custom Thank You Stickers

A variety of sticker formats for easy application and to match the design range you need.

The majority of the sticker types come in two main formats: Individual cut-to-size or singles and rolls.

  • Cut-to-size single individual stickers are cut in the exact shape and size you selected. These are usually applied by hand and ordered in quantities under 250 pieces for easy tracking.
  • Rolls come in bulk amounts of above 250. For faster application, you can fit one in an automatic label dispenser. This format also has the most comprehensive range for custom dimensions.

Custom stickers are also available in the following formats for those who require more range in one set or prefer their die-cut stickers on a flat background:

  • Sheet stickers can have copies of the same sticker design or different designs on the page. You can get these stickers in the exact size and shape of your design.
  • Kiss-cut stickers are also cut in the exact shape of the design but these are printed on a square background to protect the edges. These stickers are recommended for those who will apply the stickers themselves and need every detail good as new upon placement.

The exact shape or size to fit your message of thanks.

Find the shape you need from the standard options available. Both cut-to-size and roll come in square, rectangle, circle, or oval shapes. Upon choosing the shape you need, several sizes will show up for you to select.

You can also pick the exact measurement for the width and height if the listed combined dimensions don’t match your design. More custom sizes are also available for kiss-cut and sheet stickers. Select “Custom Size” from the sizes list to load the other options available.

Print on indoor-friendly, fade-resistant, or extra-durable outdoor materials that keep your design fresh.

Keep your message looking good as new with sturdy indoor materials like white sticker paper. You can add shiny gloss, extra bright high gloss, or chic matte so that the design stays intact. Highly recommended for packages, containers, or other items that show the “thank you for your order” stickers and will be kept indoors.

If you deliver or sell consumables that customers need to refrigerate, print the thank you stickers for business on BOPP or textured materials. BOPP is the more durable material when chilled, while the textured choices are water-resistant for up to four hours.

Easy design upload or template download to your computer.

Upload your print-ready thank you stickers to our website. After selecting the features that will complete its look, go to “Upload Now” at the bottom of the online calculator. You go to the upload page. The recommended formats are PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, or TIFF.

Have you yet to start on your custom thank you stickers? Check out the layout templates on each sticker product page. Select the size you need to download a ZIP folder with all the accepted formats.

Find the Perfect Match for Your Sticker Design

Not sure yet which adhesive material best suits your business thank you sticker? Watch this video and see the difference in the final appearance. All options offer durable quality for their application settings. 

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Custom Thank You Stickers FAQs

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