Reasons to Use Custom Stationery Items
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4 Compelling Reasons to Use Custom Stationery Items for Business

According to market research think tank Global Industry Analysts Inc., the global market for stationery has experienced a steady increase since the 1980s, with the US market accounting for the biggest share. More enterprises than ever are using custom stationery for both day-to-day correspondence and marketing. The sales for personalized stationery have likewise increased during this time. Not bad for an old-school product in the digital age. But the question is — why use stationery?

The main reasons cited for the increase is attributed to business expansions, trends in mass customization, and changes in consumer behavior. Of course, these are not the main reasons that drive individual business stationery buyers. Here are some of the deeper reasons enterprises and brands of all sizes can’t seem to get enough of them.

1.) Stationery items spread your brand.

branding with stationery

Stationery is useful for sending official letters, jotting down quick notes, or adding a touch of class to handwritten statements. Custom stationery also makes it easy to reinforce and spread your brand. You do exactly that with every printed memo and correspondence. If you include your contact details on every stationery item you send out, it becomes more convenient to get in touch with your organization.


2.) Custom stationery makes you look organized.

Having a standard set of customized letterhead, envelopes, and notepads can send a message before it’s actually used. It makes you look like you mean serious business. Stationery is a sign an enterprise runs a tight ship. It might not necessarily be true, but if it looks like it, the rest just might follow.

corporate stationery

A word of caution though:  stationery designs should be organized and fit your branding. Otherwise you risk making a confusing or negative impression.


3.) It can add power to your words.

Stationery adds value

Email is great, but for many occasions, stationery is the only way to go. Stationery is the medium of choice for anything important. Letters that matter are delivered on stationery.  It’s the only only way to emphasize the gravity of legal statements, congratulation and acceptance letters, condolences, and thank you notes.  The act of using stationery items brings the full weight of your organization into your words and adds a sense of permanence to your message.


4.) Stationery is eternal.

Happy New Year Stationery

While many gifts are ultimately ephemeral, stationery has a way of staying with us. It’s hard to throw away a thank you note written on good stationery. The fact is, people love stationery. You likely have a drawer full of stationery from personal letters and organizations alike. You don’t even need these for anything, but keep it around for the sentimental or the aesthetic value. No one throws away good stationery. It can continue to create deep emotional connections for decades. Let’s see an email do the same!

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