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How Long Does It Take To Print & Ship An Order?

There are two components to the equation, the turnaround time and the shipping time.

Turnaround + Shipping = Total Time to Delivery
All the days in the equation are business days, which excludes weekends and federal holidays (unless you request Saturday delivery).

Work backward from when you need the order to determine the shipping and turnaround options you need. Imagine you need to have your flyers ready for the conference in two weeks and it’s a Tuesday. Our longest turnaround time for flyers is 5 business days and that time starts on the next business day after the order is sent to press (the day ends at midnight Central, except for 1 and 2-day turnarounds, which need to be approved by 6pm). So, day one would be Wednesday and day five would be the following Tuesday (which is seven calendar days from the order date). You can then choose your shipping method from UPS Ground, 3-day, 2-day or next day. Ground shipping is from one to five business days, depending on how far you are away from our production facility. So with ground shipping at five days, you would get the flyers two weeks from the order date.

If that’s cutting it too thin for your taste, you can play with reducing the turnaround time or the shipping time. The turnaround options are available for quoting from the product page, so if you click on “Flyers” from the list on the left of you can select the turnaround option from the dropdown menu on the right. Notice how the price changes when you select a different turnaround time. Using a faster turnaround is typically going to be less expensive than using faster shipping. This isn’t always the case, though. Use our free, instant quotes online to play with the different turnaround times and shipping methods to determine what will work best for you (or just give us a call at 877-405-3949).

Once you’ve added the order to your shopping cart, you can see the estimated shipping costs for the different options. Choose the option that will get the order to you in the time you need it. Note that we can’t guarantee shipping times, they are only estimates and subject to change. What we do guarantee, however, is that your order will ship on time. We’ll print it and have it ready to ship in the turnaround time you select or we’ll upgrade your shipping to compensate.

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