Regardless of size, business cards still have a lot of room for customization.

Why You Need Personal Business Cards

As conservative as the dimensions of a business card are, it is the marketing vehicle that businesses from all over know too well never to overlook and understate. On the other hand, it is the size of the business card that makes it both an easy and challenging tool to optimize to your business needs.

The primary thing you must establish when designing your business card is the overall image you want your card to possess and what story it will communicate to your clients. The generous use of graphic design will produce a business card that translates a fun, modern and hip company that caters more to the young, urban and artistic generation. On another note, a business card that possesses little or no graphics, is duo- or tritone with clean crisp fonts exudes a very professional image that usually appeals to a more corporate audience.

It is very clear from this example that regardless of size, business cards still have a lot of room for customization and is a more than ample canvas for you to get creative when infusing your business identity.

At PrintPlace, we translate your colors and design to printed vibrant business cards personalized just how you want it. With color management experts on-site, we make sure that your business cards are printed in high-quality color definition on only the best materials for that cutting-edge look.

You can't get any more personal than this when your print with PrintPlace.

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