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Door Hanger Design Tips – Graphic Design Friday

Door hanger design is the topic our graphic designer, Sharon, is talking about today.

Door hangers can be very effective marketing tools, but must be used strategically. Sharon has tips to not only make your design and layout more effective, but also increase the conversion rate, and track your success.

Watch Sharon’s video here or read the transcript below.

Video Transcription

Hey guys, this is Sharon for another graphic design tip from

Door Hangers can be so effective for your marketing efforts.  Door Hangers are direct and very hard to ignore.  However, like any direct marketing if you don’t catch your audience’s attention quickly, they’ll toss your door hanger out with the trash.

Before you even get started designing, you have to know who you want to reach.

Write out a customer profile that includes demographic info like age, income level, and gender.  Then research the neighborhoods where these people live in your city.  Check out  You’ll find a lot of great information to get started.

Once you know your target audience, you can concentrate on how to grab their attention.

The keys to a great door hanger are simplicity and boldness.

Use a large headline that delivers the main purpose of the door hanger.

Use vivid colors and photos that will make people take a second look.

People will spend maybe 5 seconds deciding whether to toss your door hanger or keep it.  Don’t give them the chance.

Also, don’t cram too much into the door hanger.  Display just one offer and make it easy for them to respond.

Including a detachable coupon is a great way to give your customer a memorable and handy call to action.

Lastly, give yourself a way to track the door hanger’s success.  Add a unique URL, QR Code, or trackable coupon code to the design.

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