Five Steps to Creating a Persuasive Marketing Message

Effective marketing does not have to cost a fortune – it just needs to have the right persuasive techniques employed. By using these five persuasive marketing techniques, you will be able to create advertising that will, over time, increase your brand recognition and increase your revenue. Using these five principles and see what happens to your message!

Persuasive Marketing

Be Frequent and Consistent –  A lot of small businesses become discouraged when their advertising efforts don’t bring about the desired results. There are no marketing techniques for “instant” results, but employing your message on a regular, frequent schedule over a continuous period of time will, in most cases,  pay off.  Effective advertising requires getting your persuasive message in front of your market as often and as consistently as your budget allows.

Create Comprehension  –  The first principle in creating a persuasive message is comprehension. Readers should be able to instantly understand the message of your marketing piece. To create instant comprehension:

  • Make sure your message is clearly stated with text and illustrated in the graphics.
  • Use the principle of repetition to emphasize your message.
  • Keep the message simple.

Build an Emotional Connection –  The second principle for creating a persuasive message is connection. Readers will remember and respond to an advertisement that evokes an emotional response that helps them relate to your message. To create an emotional connection:

  • Use a message that has meaning and significance for your target market.
  • The message should trigger an emotional response – excitement, happiness, nostalgia, passion, etc.
  • Use an emotional message that calls readers to action.

Be Credible –  The third principle for creating a persuasive message is credibility. Your target audience needs to be able to believe your message. This ties back to the reputation of your business as well as the message being used in your campaign. To create credibility:

  • Have high customer satisfaction standards for your business.
  • Use ethical business practices based on integrity to build a believable reputation for your business.
  • Use an emotional message that your target audience can believe.

Be Contagious –  The fourth principle for creating a persuasive message is contagiousness. Think of the Gieco gecko: he is cute, he is funny, he is clever, and he is memorable. How can anyone resist this witty little reptile? To create contagiousness:

  • Incorporate elements of humor, likeability, cleverness, and energy.
  • Coin a memorable slogan or catch phrase that will stay with your target audience.
  • Make sure your message is able to evoke an emotional response that will have your target audience talking about it and will motivate a demonstrable reaction.

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