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Published on April 28th, 2010 | by PrintPlace


10 Die Cut Brochure Designs

In a time when every cent that is spent on marketing counts, standing out from the crowd matters. Creating eye-catching brochures can be taken to the next level by adding dimension to your brochure designs with die cuts. PrintPlace.com offers this service on custom orders, so it’s just a matter of contacting our custom jobs department for a quote.

But enough with our marketing talk; Here are a few great designs we’ve found on the web that utilize die cuts in their designs.

USC Prostate Center Brochure

USC Prostate Center Brochure

4 Bridges Art Festival Patron Brochure 2007

Die Cut Brochure for Vital ID

Vital ID Brochure – Flat view

Vital ID Brochure – Flat view
Accordion-style & Die cut

Accordian-style & Die cut

masco brochure

masco brochureRBK_BrandBook01

The Nature Conservancy of Canada Presentation Folder Brochure Design

The Nature Conservancy of Canada Presentation Folder Brochure Design

The Nature Conservancy of Canada Presentation Folder Brochure Design
Sierra Health Brochure - Die-cut Booklet flickr

Sierra Health Brochure – Die-cut Booklet

Residence Le Torri Brochureptci

Residence Le Torri Brochureptci

RBK 2008 Brand Book - Gatefold cover and die-cut sections.

If you have design inspiration or a suggestion for a topic that you’d like to share, feel free to email us at blog{at}printplace.com. We’ll be sure to link to your website and give you full credit!



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10 Responses to 10 Die Cut Brochure Designs

  1. Tomasz Banas says:

    Is PrintPlace able to make the same products as shown above? or maybe these are just an example?

  2. printplace says:

    These are just examples of what can be done with die cuts. PrintPlace.com does take custom orders. If you have a specific design you would like to be quoted, you can go to http://www.printplace.com/custom.

  3. Tomasz Banas says:

    So I assume the answer is YES, PrintPlace can do it all.

    Thank you.

  4. printplace says:

    Haha, Yes. We’d like to think so. But of course, every job is different. But if you ever have questions, feel free to contact us!

  5. Ericka R. Brooks says:

    I’m trying to find a unique brochure design. I own my own n Home care agency. The name says it all Circle of Life Home Care. I need my brochure to be extremely unique something that truly sets apart from all other In Home care Agencies.

  6. printplace says:

    Check out our brochure page to see tips and design inspiration! http://www.printplace.com/printing/brochure-printing.aspx

  7. mariewilliam1 says:

    Really fantastic Creative work I have ever seen it. Thank for sharing these Brochure Design Portfolio and Best of Luck for future Design.

  8. Altaf Shaikh says:

    to good collection for inspiration… Thanks..

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