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Customer Story: Fotos by Santos

Photography is an essential part of our lives. We rely on photos to capture all the important and most memorable moments, whether it’s an Instagram-worthy sunset or a group shot at a big reunion.

Unlike these smaller moments, milestones such as your wedding, the birth of your first (or next) child, or your parent’s 60th birthday demand that you savor every moment. By then, you won’t have any time to take group shots or selfies with all your guests. Thankfully, photographers like Kleber Santos are around to capture these crucial memories.

Breaking Into a New Field

Kleber Santos is the photographer behind Fotos by Santos. He specializes in portraits, weddings, events, maternity, and headshots. Before he jumped into taking photos professionally, Kleber spent 35 years as a graphic designer. Yet during his time as a designer, photography was his hobby: “I have always loved photography and used a much older camera to shoot,” he shares.

It wasn’t until this past summer that he decided to pursue this other art form professionally. Knowing that a business requires higher quality and professional demands, he invested in some new gear and began marketing Fotos by Santos.

His first few clients were friends and family. Although business growth takes time, he says that the weddings and events in his portfolio have helped in spreading the word.

The light and natural colors complement the joy between this couple.

Discovering Another Art Form

Kleber draws inspiration from his 35 years in the creative field. As a graphic designer, he knows which colors work well together and what elements naturally complement one another. He uses this knowledge to “create beautiful art that people can enjoy and to capture a moment in time, whether as a portrait or event, is great.”

Kleber reveals his more artistic side in this portrait.

Photography is not without its own challenges. He admits that the main hurdle is dealing with (or adjusting to the lack of) light:

“Sometimes it’s consistent, but then there are times when you have to make quick changes and hope you don’t miss the shot.”

“...there are times when you have to make quick changes and hope you don’t miss the shot.” Share on X
Photographers blend in the background to capture sweet moments like this.

Every minute counts at a photoshoot. Moments like the golden hour during sunset or a model’s genuine smile can’t be reenacted the minute after they’ve passed. That’s why Kleber abides by the best advice he’s ever received:

“Patience and practice is essential. Engaging your clients is also important in order to get them to open up and relax, so you can capture their essence, especially in portraiture.”

He applies a similar discipline while he shoots events such as weddings. He needs to stay invisible so that the images show each moment as honest and as spontaneous as possible.

Learning From the Process

Kleber makes sure every photo is well-edited and clean for his clients.

Like any other artist new to the field, Kleber is still discovering his own unique style. He admits that it takes time to develop a style. Photographers new to the business should be patient in finding what makes them stand out.

“They are all a bit different as I am still looking to find that particular style that is uniquely my own. Then again, each client likes a particular look. Some like their photos to have an artistic feel while others prefer a more traditional approach.”

It’s also important to note what a client wants in the image and Kleber also takes into account these preferences.

“Each client likes a particular look. Some like their photos to have an artistic feel, while others prefer a more traditional approach.”

The best shots are taken from taking advantage of the available light.

After each shoot, Kleber also spends time to edit and clean up the images. It’s important that clients realize the importance of this stage. Editing work cannot be recreated with a smartphone shot or by an amateur with no prior training.

He also has some good and very honest advice that every aspiring photographer needs to hear:

“Be confident and work your ass off. Nothing comes easy and get as many people to sit for you and even do some things for free. And always be willing to learn. You do not know it all. The one thing I never liked about any ‘professional’ is that they think they have done it all. This is far from the truth. If you think this way you will never grow. Not in your field and not as a person.”

Be confident and work your ass off. Share on X

Making a Big Impression

Business cards are a crucial part of promoting Fotos by Santos. Kleber uses his business cards from PrintPlace anywhere he can:

“If I meet someone in the train while working on my photos, as I leave events, or when handing them to clients for them to forward to others.”

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Fotos by Santos
Kleber hands out his business cards at every opportunity.

We’re grateful to have been part of Kleber’s artistic journey:

“I have used PrintPlace for over 10 years and have recommended it to many. The customer service is excellent. The turnaround time is good and the quality is excellent. I look forward to using PrintPlace again”

The turnaround time is good and the quality is excellent. Share on X

You can check out the rest of Kleber’s work at Fotos by Santos or visit his social media pages:
Facebook: @fotosbysantos
Instagram: @fotosbysantos

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