Cardstock and paper options
Printing Help

What Paper Options Do I Have?

What are my paper stock options? Each PrintPlace product has a different set of available paper options, optimized for the normal use of each product. For example, you may order postcards in a selection of cardstocks while brochures can be ordered in a variety of both cardstocks and paper stocks. Likewise, business cards by default …

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Benefits of Business Cards

Top 5 Benefits of Business Cards That You Need to Know

I know business cards have been around forever, but they are still some of the most powerful marketing weapons available to the small business owner. Even in the digital age, the business card adapts and makes new innovations to business networking its own. It has gotten better over time and it’s still improving, as new …

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25 amazing business cards
Graphic Design

25 Simply Amazing Business Cards

What are the essential characteristics of amazing business cards? A great first impression is, in my opinion, the number one requirement of an amazing business card. Indeed, aggressive marketing is a huge factor in your success, but it will always start with the first step. Business cards can help you sell yourself even before you …

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Black and white business cards
Graphic Design

15 Inspiring Black and White Business Cards

Your choice of color is critical to your business. The psychological effect of color decisions, especially in your branding, has great impact on how your business will be perceived. Colors have their own values associated with them both consciously and subconsciously. Understanding these associations can make communicating to your target audience effectively. With business cards, …

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Coalition for Christian Outreach Postcards and Business Cards
Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Coalition for Christian Outreach

The competitive landscape we find ourselves in today illustrates how important college education is for today’s youth. But while college students find opportunities to learn, the same students have less opportunities to grow in their faith — this, however, is nothing new. A group of pastors and youth workers first noticed this problem back in …

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