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Increase church tithing with envelopes and these 3 easy tips – Tipster Friday

Ara is back for Tipster Friday. Today she’s tackling the topic of church tithing.

Churches depend on donations from their congregation to survive. Therefore, it’s pertinent that they make it easy for members to contribute on a regular basis. Having different ways to donate is important so each person can choose the one that is easiest for them. It is also important to communicate these and the importance of giving.

Ara has ideas to help your church increase giving by utilizing more than just a collection plate. Watch her video below or read the transcript that follows to start improving the tithing in your church.

Video Transcript

Hey, it’s Ara again for Tipster Friday from, where I give you tips you’ve probably never heard of. 

This week is all about churches. Tithing is one of the biggest hurdles churches face as an organization. Studies have show that only 10-25% of church members actually give. That’s a big problem. 

Passing the plate is so 20th century, so here’s a few ideas to increase stewardship at your church. 

  • Envelopes are a great way to encourage giving in a personal and low pressure way. Does your church have those slots on the back of the chairs or pews? Put an envelope in there, or place them in Sunday bulletins where people will easily find them.This envelope from Calvary Church is doing it right with a section for credit cards, as well as cash or check. They also include a custom QR code for giving online. 
  • Another great idea is text message donations.  You may recall The Red Cross text donations campaign for the earthquake in Haiti. They raised over 3 million dollars in the first 24 hours. That’s pretty awesome!This business card from The Connection Church gives clear instructions on how to give through text messaging. Place these business cards at information desks or include them in packets for guests.
  • So, what if you’re on top of it? What if you’ve got the envelopes, text message giving, automatic bank drafts, and maybe even a cool kiosk thing where all people have to do it swipe a credit card.  You’ve made it as easy as possible for people to tithe.  Now, let them know how.This postcard from Revolution Church lists every possible giving option with easy to follow instructions. Mail these postcards to first-time givers, along with personal thank you cards. You can also set them out around the church or pass them out during stewardship series. 

So the biggest thing is make it easy, and be creative. Simple enough right? Of course I’ve got the creative thing covered. It’s sort of who I am. 

That’s all for this week! I know it’s going to be hard, not seeing me for another 7 days. It makes me sad too, so don’t forget to subscribe.  Click right here. Do it… you know you want to.  

See you next week!

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