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Waterproof Stickers

Print waterproof stickers that stay as good as new even after repeated washing or long-term refrigeration. Choose from fade-resistant vinyl or moisture-resistant BOPP built for chilling.

Premium Sticker Choices

Ensure high quality with features that protect your design.

Shop by Custom Shapes or Materials

Find the best look or size for your waterproof stickers.

Customize Waterproof Stickers to Flaunt Your Brand Anywhere and Everywhere

Create waterproof stickers to give away as fun freebies and decorative accessories for your customer’s items. Choose from several durable materials that protect your design from the rain, a few splashes, and moist conditions. Customize your stickers in a design they’ll want to place on their tumblers, water bottles, laptops, tablets, and other everyday items.

With longer-lasting stickers, your brand logo or name is seen whenever customers use these items. You get free promotion and the attention of anyone who chances upon the waterproof sticker.

How to Create Distinct and Memorable Waterproof Stickers

Ensure that the size or shape of the waterproof stickers represents your brand.

While you want to create a design that customers will be proud to display, the visual elements should be consistent with your visual brand. It can be a different take on your logo or a design that uses shapes and colors that anyone can associate with your business. Choose from several sizes for a square, rectangle, circle, or oval. Single stickers are also available in other shapes such as arch, hexagon, heart, and starburst.

If you have a specific shape in mind, choose custom as the shape, and a list of widths and heights will appear. Custom dimensions are available for all formats: singles, roll, sheet, and kiss cut.

Ensure that the size or shape of the waterproof stickers represents your brand.

Vinyl is the sturdiest option among the waterproof sticker printing choices. It’s built to last outdoors and withstand exposure to various weather elements and is highly recommended for designs used to decorate water bottles, insulated containers, and other outdoor items.

The other waterproof options—BOPP and textured Estate—are recommended for consumables that are refrigerated. Oil-resistant and chemical-resistant, BOPP stickers are commonly used on frozen items.

The textured Estate is what you see on wine bottles. These water-resistant stickers stay undamaged for up to four hours. It is recommended for labeling or decorating items that are temporarily chilled but also spend time indoors.

Choose a quantity that gives the stickers enough protection.

We print stickers using two methods, each of which provides a level of waterproof protection.

  • Digital printing is used on low-volume jobs or quantities under 250 pieces. When the custom waterproof stickers are digitally printed, they won’t sustain any damage under cold water. But the design will get damaged in a dishwasher and will peel off in hot water.
  • Offset printing is done on bulk quantities above 250 pieces. Waterproof stickers printed using this method are more durable and are dishwasher safe. These also last in both cold and hot water.

Which is the best material for your sticker?

Still not sure which to choose? Check out the options available and how they appear in this video.

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Waterproof Sticker Printing FAQs

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