Here are five ideas to help you design a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving marketing campaign consumers will gobble up.

January 12, 2014

5 Design Ideas for Thanksgiving Marketing

Graphic designing for Thanksgiving can be slightly tricky when trying to be unique.  Thankfully, this holiday provides a wide variety of ideas from which to choose when designing your marketing materials.  Here are five ideas to help you design a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving marketing campaign that consumers will gobble right up.

1. Draw from the tone set by Thanksgiving.  This holiday is a time for reflecting on core values, patriotism, and being thankful.  The style that your catalogs, flyers, or other marketing literature contain can draw from any one of these Thanksgiving themes. For instance, organizing a food drive is an excellent way to incorporate values of giving back to the community while also boosting your positive PR.

2. Research historical accounts and legends that surround this holiday for some new ideas to incorporate into your design.  Pilgrims and other founding father figures are a great way to connect with the founding pride of American consumers.  Include historical stories in your catalogs or brochures to give readers an incentive to flip through the pages.

3. Build on your customers' Thanksgiving traditions in your designs.  For instance, use a photograph of a family sitting down to a turkey dinner to appeal to a family-oriented audience. Or you could host a barn dance, potluck, or hayride for your event and include images of cornucopias, haystacks, and turkeys on your advertising postcards and flyers.

4. The colors that you use in your designs can still be unique because of the variety of shades associated with this holiday.  Browns, oranges, golds, and reds are all fall hues that are popular during this holiday.  You can also pull from the traditional black, white, and gray of the Pilgrim's wardrobe or even use green with another complimentary shade for a "new growth" message.

5. There are many figures and icons from which you can choose for your graphic design. The Pilgrims, Turkeys, fall leaves, and harvest vegetables are all common icons.  You could also use scarecrows, hay bales, gourds, and any other autumn shape. You may want to have your postcards or door hangers cut in the shape of your favorite Thanksgiving icon for a marketing piece that pops.

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