Skip this holiday, and you are missing out on some valuable opportunities to show customers how much you care.

 January 12, 2014

Direct Marketing Tips for Thanksgiving

Many businesses become so caught up with Christmas that they forget about Thanksgiving. Skip this holiday, though, and you are missing out on some valuable opportunities to show customers how much you care and also to promote your image.  Holidays are a great time for incorporating fresh techniques on your mailing services, and Thanksgiving is no exception.  The following are some ideas on how to connect personally with your customers this November.

Sending a heartfelt thank you lets customers know how much they mean to you.  Plus, sending greeting cards at this time of year has the added bonus of an early start on the competition, as most businesses wait until Christmas to send appreciation notes.

Send a standard greeting card customized with a professional photograph and your own greeting. The only downside is that customers may not open the envelope since they are not expecting a holiday card at this time of year.  You may want to try a postcard instead for a greeting that is out in the open.

Mail your yearly promotional calendars at this time before customers have had a chance to go out and buy their own.  Chances are they will use the calendar that you send out of convenience, as long as it meets their needs and is appealing.

Most customers may enjoy a glossy wall calendar with photographs of landscapes, as this is the most popular type of calendar.  Although, you may decide that your customers need an uncoated calendar that can double as either a wall or desktop calendar so that clients can easily jot down events while in the workplace.

Host a charity event for extra PR points and to give back to the community.  You may want to organize a food drive at your office and give away a discount or a free gift to donors.  Or host a harvest dinner or auction to raise money for a nonprofit organization.

Be sure to advertise thoroughly with posters, flyers, and even door hangers.  You may even be able to get the local newspaper to write a press release on the event.  Sometimes, radio stations will be willing to get involved in advertising for a charity event as well.

Just remember that no matter your direct marketing approach for this Thanksgiving, use a professional printer for your printed advertisements and promotional materials.  High quality printing reminds customers of why they are thankful for your company - because of the excellent products or services that you provide.

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