Your business card should represent where you are at in your profession and that rarely stays the same year to year.

 January 12, 2014

How To Give Your Business Card a Makeover

If you have been handing out the same business card that you had printed two years ago, then it is probably time for a makeover. Your business card should represent where you are at in your profession and that rarely stays the same year to year. As you grow and change in your environment, so should your business card.

There are other reasons to change your business cards. Your card may not be working for you. It may be too dull or tacky. The graphics can get out of date. Also, what you liked in the spring may not be what you like in the fall. Don’t feel tied down to a single design. Give you card a makeover and see the benefits play out.

Play with the Color Scheme
Most cards are dark print on a light or white background. For this reason, a dark background with light print stands out. Dark reds, blues, greens, and of course black are very good background colors that will allow your content to be seen easily. With white or nearly white text, a darker background will certainly draw attention to your business card.

Consider Rounded Corners
Rounding off the corners of your business card is a subtle but refreshing element, and it may just cause clients to pause long enough to read your content in more depth. Plus, the look rounded corners gives to business cards is polished and slightly different, giving you the advantage of standing out.

Print on the Back
Printing full color on the front and back of your card can really grab the attention of your potential clients and customers. Use the back side for a coupon or for extra information about your benefits. Depending on your business, you might add a calendar or a chart of measurements. Just the fact that not everyone prints on the back will make your business card stand out.

Use Graphics or a Photograph
Not enough business cards have graphics. Graphics that reinforce your message are not hard to come by. Photoshop and other editing software makes it easy for even amateurs to create nice images to place on the design. Including a photograph of yourself on your business card is also a smart move. It personalizes your card and helps people to connect you with your business. Always use a professional photograph but try not to make it seem stuffy. Have some fun with your poses and always smile.

Once you have your newly improved cards printed out, feel free to tell your associates that you have new business cards. Pass them out to those you know are interested and you may just see an increase in the interest of your business.

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