New Year’s Printing Ideas

The holiday season is by far the biggest spending season of the year for individuals and businesses. Yet many businesses focus entirely too much on Christmas and forget about the other big holiday of the season: New Year’s Day. New Year’s Day has an entirely different feeling and tone than that of Christmas, and any printing campaigns that you do should reflect this change of tone. This article discusses several important New Year’s Day printing considerations that can help you tap into the other big holiday that everybody seems to have forgotten.

Printing Tone
While Christmas focuses on peace and goodwill to man, New Year’s Day is all about starting fresh. One notorious New Year’s Day idea of which we’re all aware is the New Year’s resolution. Whether it’s individuals wanting to lose weight after bingeing during Christmas, or businesses setting new goals for the upcoming year, the tone of New Year’s Day is all about a new start. So, keep the tone of any printing and advertising campaigns in this spirit of starting anew.

Printing Icons
Most of us are familiar with the icons of Christmas. Stars, Christmas trees, angels, and others are all symbols associated with Christmas. New Year’s can be typified with symbols and icons such as champagne glasses, snowflakes, horns, party favors, and even fireworks. Using these icons for your printing campaign either in your printed postcards or greeting cards can help your advertising stand out from the barrage of Christmas marketing that everybody has been receiving.

Printing Colors
It is a little bit more difficult to separate Christmas from New Year’s Day with colors alone. If there’s one color that stands out to be different than that of Christmas, it would be the color blue. Keep your typical reds, greens and bright yellows, but incorporate a lot of blues and even purples to help separate your advertising from Christmas.

Consider incorporating this holiday into your marketing this year. We’re all used to seeing a great deal of Christmas marketing, so a New Year’s Day advertising campaign can truly help set your business apart.

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