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3 Creative uses for bookmarks – Tipster Friday

Bookmarks can do a lot more than just hold your page when you put down a book. They can also promote information about you or your company and people will like. Hand out your unique bookmarks and they will catch more attention than the average flyer.

Ara has clever ways to design bookmarks that you can use to your advantage. Design anything better than a Kleenex and your bookmarks are sure to find a place sticking out of books on coffee tables everywhere.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, it’s Ara again for Tipster Friday!

 Now, I have ton of different hobbies. I’m basically the hobby queen, except all my hobbies are cool. Like books! Sooo rad. They’re like lo-fi iPads. 

…and on that subject, I thought we’d discuss bookmarks and creative ways to use them. 

So obviously, bookmarks are great for holding your place in your favorite book but they can be so much more than that.

Create bookmark admission tickets. 

Make your design eye-catching and choose a hi-gloss paper stock. 

Include the date, time, and relevant information. 

People will be sure to hang on to it and remember your event. 

Bookmarks also make great coupons. 

The biggest problem with coupon marketing is redemption. 

People have to hang on to your coupon first and then redeem them. A bookmark coupon is handy and memorable. Imagine, someone opens their worn, leather-bound copy of Catcher in the Rye and there’s your coupon. Clever, I know. 

And this last one, über-clever! 

Make a bookmark that’s a business card too. 

Or maybe it’s a business card that’s a bookmark. I don’t know. Either way you’ve got a unique way to market yourself that people will actually use. 

That’s all for this week. 

So I’ve got a quiz you. 

The first person to figure out this graphic riddle gets $25 towards their next order. Just be the first to comment on our Facebook post of this video with the correct answer. 

Here’s a tip, what do you put bookmarks in? Good luck!


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