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Published on January 19th, 2012 | by PrintPlace


455+ Random Brushes for Unusual Design Needs

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Are you in the mood for a Photoshop brush roundup to elicit creativity? Or do you need a very unique brush for your next project? You may be able to find just what you need in the collection below. No matter if you are planning to use these brushes on posters for online printing or for a website design, the following free sets of brushes can be used for any graphic design purpose.

Over 455 brushes are included in the packs below; some contain a mere 1-5 brushes, while others boast over 80 brushes. Everything from light brushes to techie brushes to even cup stains and retro brushes you will find in this roundup. Some made the collection simply because they were stunning, while others jumped into the line-up on the merit of uniquity.

While this collection is a bit random (and remember, all brushes below are free!), it’s a great place to look for brushes you may otherwise have never come across. Who knows? Maybe one of them will be part of what makes a future project a huge hit with your client!

DISCLAIMER: The following images are not owned by PrintPlace.com and are used only to inspire and to provide design resources to our readers.

Ultimate Brush Pack 5

Ultimate Brush

With 87 brushes included, you are sure to find what you need in this incredible pack!

Vector Drip Brushes by Mandy Floss

Vector Drip Brushes

These 8 brushes allow you to create funky circles and drips in your designs. Contact the designer for commercial use.

Bokeh Brushes by Murder Angel

Bokeh Brushes

Give your designs a bokeh look with this quality brush.

8 Bit Brushes by ContaminateDDirt

8 Bit Brushes

Despite the name, this pack contains 7 brushes. All have a grunge, pixelated look to them.

Glowing Butterfly Brushes

Glowing Butterfly Brushes

18 butterflies that glow are included in this set. Give your designs an ethereal look! Be sure to contact the designer for commercial use.

Fake Glitter Brushes by Cacaborges

Need to add some glitter and glam to a project? These 7 free brushes should do the trick.

Fortune Brushes by ShiftJ

Add some good fortune to your designs with this set of 25 brushes. Be sure to contact the designer for commercial use, though.

Kinetic Brush Set by ShiftyJ

This is a beautiful collection 15 abstract grunge brushes, but ask for permission before using commercially.

Euphoria Brushes by ShiftyJ

This amazing set of 24 brushes is free for commercial with credit to the designer.

Siomoi – Marble Brush Set by Boyingopaw

Lost your marbles? Use this pack of 55 marble brushes instead!

Cup Stains by Photoshop Tutorials

With 105 brushes in this splatter pack, you will never have to create your own cup stains again!

Skin and Cosmetic Brushes by KeepWaiting

These three brushes are for non-commercial use, but think of how amazing you can make your skin look in family photos.

Halftone by env1ro

These 11 halftone brushes are quite popular, boasting over 60K downloads on this site!

8 Nasa Space & Nebula Brushes

These 8 high resolution brushes make creating realistic space designs easy.

Tech Brushes by reheadstock

Get technical with your projects using this high resolution pack of 23 brushes.

Feather Brushes by DollieFlesh-Stock

This beautiful package of feather brushes will make creating realistic feathers a breeze!

Tech Brushes Set v2 by Z-Design

Tech Brushes

Another set of tech brushes, this one contains 30 quite original designs.

Risingsun Brushes by JavierZhX

Rising Sun Brushes

These 28 rising sun brushes can add quite a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise boring background.

Retr0 Brushes by vwake

Retro Brushes

Give your art a retro look with these incredibly detailed 50s style brushes.

See any favorites? Anything else we should have included? Be sure to drop us a line to let us know!

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