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7 Simple and Intelligent Logo Designs

Among the many elements you can use in your print design, simplicity is one of the most cost-effective ones. Cost-effective in terms of ease of use and its consequent assistance in speeding things up.

Indeed, one of the most noteworthy design styles today, minimalism, advocates the use of simplicity in design. The main minimalist thrust “less is more” works well in ordinary print design in that making thing simple helps in image perception. Simple layouts and images help bring attention to the parts of the design that require attention. What’s more, often simple design is intelligent design, making a lasting impact through sending a message though visual elements are minimal, and exactly because of it. To better illustrate this point, let’s take a look at simple and intelligent logo designs.

DISCLAIMER: The following images are not owned by and are used for the sole purpose of inspiring our viewers.

The Guild of Food Writers Logo
The logo for The Guild of Food Writers. Black on white background, the image portrays the tip of a pen, and inside it, a spoon. There are only four elements here: two colors, and two easily recognizable image depictions of commonplace objects readily associated with what Food Writers is all about.

Schizophrenic Logo
Logo for Schizophrenic as designed by Siah Design. Two colors, white on darker shade. The font is subtle and doesn’t jump out too much, too. The text serves to support the image, which is also basically text and ingeniously uses a common Web practice to achieve better reach. The image unmistakably depicts a sad emoticon intertwined with a happy one, much like the way a coin has two sides.

Wiesinger Music Logo
Wiesinger piano service logo by Nexqunyx. White on black, and the two contrasting colors serve to better present the logo image without using other colors or graphic elements: the unmistakable depictions of piano keys, which are also a W and an M that stand for Wiesinger Music.

Zip Logo
The logo for Zip as designed by Mike Erickson of Logomotive. Black on grey, topographic design. The perforation-like graphics on opposite and face-to-face sides of the letters Z and P merge to become the image of a zipper.

Kingfish Logo
The logo for Kingfish designed by Emil Hartvig. Simple font that seems to depict a touch of regality perfect for the logo. The crown obviously has images of simple fish drawings in it. The line under the logo text serves to center everything up, and brings the regal text into prominence.

Lochness Logo
Another topographic logo, this one is for Lochness designed by Navy Blue Design. Everyone knows the mythical creature, and the first three letters of the logo depict it nicely. The small letter L makes for a wonderful head and neck, and the subsequent O and C are ideal to portray its body. Slit the first three letters in half horizontally, add water refraction effects on the lower half, and voila: simple and intelligent logo design.

Poker Hills Tourney Logo
The Poker Hills tourney logo by Alen Pavlovic plays on both the images on its name: poker, and hills. The logo image seems to be of hills at first, but the heart shape on the foremost hill and the peculiar curvature give the image the unmistakable shape of two poker cards being picked up by the edges and skewed upwards to be looked at by a Texas Hold’em player.

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