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Are Your Brochure Printing Needs Being Met? Choose the Right Printer for You

Brochures have the important job of marketing your company, providing information, and selling your products or services. Although the design of a brochure is crucial to its effectiveness, the printing step is equally as important. You might have the most brilliant design out there, but if the printing quality is poor, then your brochures will not make a positive impression on clients. Therefore, choosing the right brochure printing company for your needs requires careful consideration.

Need #1:
Being able to trust the quality that your printer puts out is a top priority. For excellent color, a printer should use the full or four color method of printing. Offset lithography insures a smoother transfer of the ink to the paper, so be sure that your printer uses this technique. You may also want to request samples so that you can see the quality yourself.

Need #2:
More than one extra brochure printing service should be provided by your printer. What if you need help designing or proofing your brochure? Or what if you decide you want to save time and have your brochures mailed directly from the printer to the client? Along with design and mailing services, a printer might also provide proofs, templates, and instant quotes.

Need #3:
Brochures can come in a variety of sizes, paper types, and folding, which is why a brochure printing company should offer lots of options. A standard size for brochures is 11×8.5, but what if you want a 33×17? You might also want to be able to choose from aqueous or glossy coatings. Or maybe you want a more unique fold, such as the Z-fold, gate fold, and roll folding.

Don’t limit your creativity and quality by choosing a brochure printing company that does not fulfill your needs. A small amount of time researching a printer will make all the difference in your printing satisfaction and brochure results.

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