Secrets to Professional Brochure Design

A high quality brochure does wonders for the image of your company. When prospects receive a brochure, they equate the professionalism of the brochure design with your company. Therefore, read through the following secrets to creating a stunning brochure to help you achieve the best quality design.

1. Remember Your Audience
Know for whom you are creating your brochure before you even begin the design process. Make sure that every design choice you make will appeal to this audience. For instance, pastel colors work well for a brochure advertising a baby boutique, while muted colors work well for a corporate audience.

2. Keep Content Short
Do not overwhelm readers with panels full of text. Instead, limit each panel to one or two subheadings and a few bullet points underneath each. Reserve an entire panel for your contact information. On your cover, include only a heading and a statement that leads readers to open up the panel.

3. Use Sections
Break content and images into chunks of information. This allows for more white space, which is more appealing to the eye, but it also helps to divide information into small sections that readers can easily digest.

4. Place People in Pictures
Make sure that the majority of your images include people since they make images much more appealing. Your photos should show how your product or services are improving people’s lives.

5. Use the Right Paper
A heavy weighted paper feels much more professional than a lighter weight; however, also keep in mind that it needs to be light enough for folding. A 10-14pt cover paper is ideal, but 80-100# text paper works nicely as well. Use a gloss coating to make colors and images pop.

Keep in mind that one of the best ways to know what looks professional is to see it firsthand. Browse through inspirational brochure collections online to get a better idea of professionalism. Then be sure to use the secrets above to help you create the ideal brochure design that successfully reflects the quality of your brand.