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Can I Open a Purchase Order Account with PrintPlace?

We would love to be able to offer this to our customers but we cannot. We understand the needs of our business clients, however, so we offer a wide variety of payment options to suit your needs. We allow you to pay with the standard credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), but in addition we also allow for money transfers, money orders and cashier’s checks.

Typically a Purchase Order account is designed to make the accountants at your company happy, so you can show them an invoice for the total cost of your order and then they will cut a check to cover the cost. We allow you to do the same thing (keep the accountants happy) but only through paying upfront rather than after delivery.

Your order process will look the same at the beginning. You’ll select your product from the main page of and then select your options from the list on the right. Add your order to the shopping cart when you’re all done and then proceed to checkout. When you check out, you’ll see the total for your order, including any shipping and sales tax that might apply. Then, just give us a call at 877.405.3949 or send us a message through the Contact page on our website. Let us know that you need to send us a cashier’s check, money order or wire transfer and we’ll give you the instructions on where to send it. You can print off the total page from the website and take it to the accounting department for them to cut the check. As soon as we receive payment, you can upload your artwork and get the order printing and shipped.

We’re committed to making it easy and enjoyable to take care of your printing needs. We guarantee your order will be top quality, the best price, on time and that you’ll be 100% satisfied (full terms here).