3 Overlooked Hotel Marketing Ideas That Will Draw More Guests

These days, it’s not just other hotels that you have to worry about. Services such as AirBNB now pose a threat to traditional hotel accommodations. While the scale of this threat is still being debated, it’s clear enough that the old hotel marketing paradigm has been upended. While still necessary, having a website and decent …

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mobile rich snippet schema markup for restaurants
Bar and Restaurant

Are the New Restaurant Schema Markups Right for You?

What is If you’re like most small businesses, you probably need a short background on what is before we can understand if the newly introduced Schema markup for restaurant menus. About Page is a collaboration between the world’s biggest search engines –Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo! to create a “database schema” …

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Welcome Easter Visitors
Ideas for Churches

6 Ways to Welcome Visitors at Easter

According to Rick Warren, Easter is the only day of the year many people in your community will attend church, which makes Easter a great opportunity to reach out and make visitors feel as welcomed as possible. Here are 6 ways of reaching out to first time visitors: Extra Signage Regular attendees may know which …

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Creating Better Educational Brochures

Ramp Up Enrollment With These Tips for School Brochures

Not all educational brochures are equal. But you wouldn’t necessarily know that, considering many of them look the same. This is unfortunate given how much a brochure can affect the perception of a school’s brand. Brochures also have an immense potential for attracting potential students. Don’t be like the other schools. Follow these guidelines to …

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Running for Political Office: The Decision
All Things Political

Should You Run for Political Office?

Running for office is a profoundly personal decision that should be thought through very carefully. You need to be honest with yourself and lay out all of the pros and cons, ask family and friends for their advice and input and seek council from other office holders. Up front you should know that running for …

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