Twitter and Trump
All Things Political

Twitter and Trump – 6 Lessons to Be Learned

Can Twitter and other social media platforms engage and mobilize enough voters for you to win your election? If you are Donald J. Trump, then the answer would appear to be “yes.” Even if you are not on Twitter, the news media’s incessant circulation of the President Elect’s tweets meant that unless you were living …

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Printing for schools is thriving

Three Reasons Printing for Schools Is Thriving

Is printing for schools still relevant? Let’s put it this way. We went into the online printing business well over a decade ago. It was the time it seemed everyone was predicting the demise of print. Kindles and e-readers were only starting to become a thing, and iPads weren’t even on the horizon. Fast forward …

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a selection of hotel print materials

3 Compelling Reasons to Update Your Hotel Print Materials

Change is the one constant in our lives. That and perhaps the hotel industry’s need for print materials. Notepads, postcards, and flyers will likely be part of hotel marketing for decades to come. But even then, your hotel print materials will likely have to be changed out every so often. Are your hotel’s print materials …

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Print Materials for Restaurant Christmas Promotion Ideas
Bar and Restaurant

5 Festive Restaurant Christmas Promotion Ideas

Most businesses get a bump around the holidays, especially as we get closer and closer to Christmas. Restaurants have the opportunity to get in on this bump in the days leading up to Christmas, but they need to target their food and services just right. These restaurant Christmas promotion ideas are tried and tested ideas to get …

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Nonprofit terms and lingo can be confusing.

Nonprofit Terms You Should Know

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) have their own commonly-used jargon, just like any other community. Nonprofit terms share many similarities with nomenclature used by regular for-profit businesses. The main differences come when describing sources of income and restrictions of their use. For anyone looking to start a nonprofit, or join one, there are a few exclusively nonprofit terms that …

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quality printing example - menu
Bar and Restaurant

Why Quality Printing Is a Food Industry Necessity

The way we present food has drastically changed over several generations. We’re not talking about plating techniques or cooking shows either. The way we depict food in print has drastically changed, even from less than twenty years ago. Even when affordable color printing became available in the mid-2oth century, the overall effect was less than …

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