Greeting Card Marketing

Do you send greeting cards to your customers?  If not, you might want to consider doing so in the future. 

Greeting card printing and mailing can do a wonderful job at building a personal connection with your customers, and help to enhance customer loyalty.  Obviously, this is especially true when you personalize the greeting cards by using the customer’s name and, for a really good touch, hand writing the message inside. 

Of course, Christmas time is the most logical time to send out greeting cards to your customers.  And, if you know your customers’ birthdays, that is a great time, too.  But those are not your only options.  To have a truly effective greeting card marketing campaign, you want to send cards to your customers regularly in order to make your business stand out in the customers’ minds.  So consider investing in enough cards to carry out your efforts throughout the year.

Here are some other times when sending a personalize greeting card to your customers can be a powerful marketing tool.

Valentine’s Day

Some people believe that Valentine’s Day was created to make money for greeting card companies.  Whether you are one of those, or a hopeless romantic, we can’t change it, so we might as well embrace it.  Send cards to your loyal customers on this holiday, and see what happens.  Make sure to keep the tone of your cards light and happy.


Easter is definitely not known as a “greeting card holiday”, but that shouldn’t stop you.  If anything, that should make you even more willing to send cards out at this time.  Most of your customers will not be receiving too many other Easter cards, so yours will have a very good chance of standing out.

Fourth of July

Here is another holiday that does not generally see a spike in greeting card mailings.  And that is why you should step in to help fill that void.  Make sure you personalize your cards and hand write the envelopes (if you can) to maximize the effect.


To me, this is the most important time to send out greeting cards.  Without your customers, you would not be in business, right?  So you should be thanking them for their business every chance you get.  What better time to thank them than at Thanksgiving?  Send out (as always) personalized cards that let your customers know just how grateful you are.