Printing Help

How To Deal With Unsuccessful File Uploads

If your file did not upload properly or was rejected, don’t feel bad, it happens to everyone at one time. All it means is that we spotted something that could cause trouble down the line or there was a glitch in the uploading process.

Common reasons for file rejection:

  • The file didn’t upload completely. If you quit or leave the page before the file finishes uploading, then we might only have part of it. Try again and wait on the page until everything is completely finished.
  • We didn’t get the right number of files. If you have a two-sided job and you sent us only one JPG or TIFF the order will be kicked back for the wrong number of files. If you use a PDF, though, it can include multiple pages in one file.
  • We don’t recognize the file type. We can print PDFs, TIFFs, JPGs or EPS files. If you sent us something else it won’t work. Please convert it to one of our approved formats.
  • Fonts aren’t embedded. For EPS files we must have fonts embedded to be able to print the file correctly. If you don’t embed the fonts, you can outline them instead.
  • Your file isn’t flat. TIFF files can be in separate layers, which doesn’t work for our printing process. Please flatten it first.
  • Page numbers don’t match up. If the number of pages you ordered is different from the number of pages in your file, you’ll need to adjust something. If you want blank pages anywhere in your booklet or catalog, insert them into the file so we know where they go.
  • Things are oriented incorrectly. If you have different orientations on the various pages of your document, it will be rejected by our software because it will be unable to determine how to orient the proof. Everything should be saved as either landscape or portrait, not a mixture. If you want pages to print out sideways, insert the images and text sideways in your software so that all the pages have the same orientation.

If you have trouble with your files and you want some help fixing things, we offer a file repair service and an Advanced Art Check. You can select “Advanced Art Check” when you upload your file. If you want to use the file repair services call us at 877-405-3949 or email

Once your file is fixed, re-upload it from your account page at We’ll check it again and get your proof ready for viewing.

If you have trouble uploading through the website, you can email files under 10 MB directly to Be sure to include your job number so the artwork is uploaded to the right job. If your file is larger than 10 MB you can use our WeTransfer site ( to email us the file. Include your job order number with the file(s) you send us.