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Photoshop Textures Taken from Household Items

Household items make excellent textures for backgrounds and other elements, maybe because everyone can connect with these everyday designs and immediately relate to them. Or maybe the reason is simply because these items make for unique textures. The following textures are broken up into four categories: couches, carpets, curtains, and tiles. You should be able to come up with some very interesting design ideas simply by browsing through each texture below.


Sofa Texture by ImageWa

Sofa Texture

Kravet by Hampton Hostess


Italian Leather Couch Closeup by PunkMouse

Italian Leather

Leather by ImageAfter


Orange Leather Texture by Photos Public Domain

Orange Leather Texture



Seamless Carpet Texture by hhh316

Seamless Carpet Texture

Carpet Texture 1 by BlueCanaryStock

Carpet Texture by BlueCanaryStock

Free Fabric Texture (carpet, rug, grey) by Texturez

Free Fabric Texture

Shag Rug by shagrugshop

Shaq Rug


Curtain Texture by edneu2004

Curtain Texture

Window Curtain Closeup Texture

Window Curtain

Old Blue Curtains or Drapes by MyFreeTextures

Old Blue Curtain

White Lace Curtain Close Up by Photos Public Domain

White Lace Curtain


Dark Rock Tile by LugherTexture

Dark Rock Tile

Glass Tile Texture by beckas

Glass Tile Texture

Dark by Reinhardt Brothers

Hungarian Terra Cotta

Blue Tile background by Free-Images-Etc

Blue Tile background

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